No matter how much deer you’ve been around, seeing this on the highway will still make you do a double take. This photo of a 200-pound deer hanging vertically in front of a Jeep comes from Seguin, Texas. A reporter with a local newspaper snapped it while driving on Interstate 10 and when the Seguin Gazette shared it online last week, it quickly went viral.

Many hunters chimed in—some in support, others amused, and even some that are a little angry over what they saw as disrespect to the animal. Yet the question remained: how exactly did this hunter managed to get the deer so perfectly straight?

The things you see on IH10 driving through Seguin…

Posted by Seguin Gazette on Wednesday, December 30, 2015


As it turns out, he had a very unique method of transportation. Seventy-year-old Bob Wuest, who harvested the deer, said he hooked up system of winches and pulleys that allowed him the hoist the deer onto the front of his car. Wuest said the contraption was actually the product of necessity, since he had no truck bed to put the deer on, and he was unable to lift the animal.

“I’m very active, but picking up a 200-pound buck is pretty hard,” Wuest told the Gazette. “[My friend] and I came up with this idea; It’s a 205-pound Warn winch, which is basically an electric winch hooked up to the battery. It has pulleys on top, so I can pull up to 2,500 pounds.”

It wasn’t a short trip home for the hunter. Wuest had to travel 160 miles before he could drop the deer off. Along the way, the hunter said he received plenty of comments and gestures—both good and bad.

Some hunters disapproved of the way Wuest transported the deer.

“That’s the kinda stuff that gives hunters a bad name. Not to mention how dangerous that is,” one commenter wrote on the Gazette‘s Facebook page.

The animal rights advocates among the online crowd also disapproved, but others congratulated Wuest on what they said is good, old-fashioned American innovation.

What do you think? Is this something you see yourself doing, or is just too absurd to consider?

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4 thoughts on “Photo: Hunter Transports Deer 160 Miles on Front of Jeep

  1. When I began hunting years ago I was taught not to disrespect the animals, and don’t display them during transport.
    This definitely gives hunters a bad name, and completely disrespects the JEEP community.
    Please sell your JEEP if this is how your going to act. 0IIIIIII0

  2. For what he spent rigging up his winch contraption, he could have purchased a good used trailer, and a tarp. I’m sure his objection would be that getting a 200 lb deer on a trailer is too difficult for a 70 yr old guy. Hey dumb—, you have a 2500 lb winch mounted on the front of your Jeep. Figure it out.

  3. There are pro hunters, anti hunters and a lot of people in the middle. This kind of stupidity will push a lot of those in the middle to the antis. Respect the animal.

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