Update 1-6-2016: As of 12:50 p.m., Hickok45’s channel has been restored and the videos on it once again available for public viewing. The channel still cannot be found on YouTube’s search function however, and Hickok45’s Google+ account is still unavailable. 

On Tuesday, fans of the popular gun channel Hickok45 logged into YouTube only to find that the channel has been removed, replaced with a message stating that the account was terminated due to “repeated violations of Google’s policies.”

Hickok45 first started his channel on YouTube in 2007 with the help of his son. Many of his earlier videos covered older guns made famous during the Wild West era, but eventually branched off into reviews of more modern firearms and even goofy—but beloved—traditions such as the annual gun-assisted Halloween pumpkin carving. By December of 2015, Hickok45 had uploaded hundreds of videos to YouTube and was one of the most popular gun-related channels on the website. According to the latest data, Hickok45 had over 1.5 million subscribers and millions of views on his videos.

The first inkling of trouble came shortly after Christmas. On December 28, Hickok45 wrote on his Facebook page that he was unable to access certain parts of his YouTube accounts. At the time, he wrote it off as being due to a bug.

“Again, I’ve tired lots of fixes, but I still cannot comment on YouTube vidoes, reply to comments, post a comment, answer a Private message, etc., on our channel or others,” He wrote. “I’ve logged out of Google + and back in, I’ve looked at 3rd Party cookies to make sure it’s unchecked, etc, I’ve used IE instead of Google Chrome, etc. I give up. Comes a point where I just don’t care anymore and do whatever the computer seems to want. Haven’t been able to ‘Like’ a video on YouTube for a year or two.”

Then on Tuesday, YouTube removed the entirety of Hickok45’s channel from public view with almost no explanation. It appears that not even Hickok45 himself knows exactly what got him banned from the website. He later speculated online that it may have something to do with Google+.

“Apparently, Google + is more sensitive about firearms related postings and such,” Hickok45 wrote in a short post on Facebook. “I never use Google+ and did not even realize the videos were being posted over there, I guess. I will keep you posted via Facebook here and the Hickok45andson channel. I have communicated with YouTube via email this morning, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get the channel back up soon. I had just posted a new video.”

Attempting to view Hickok45’s account on Google+ now leads to a 404 error.

YouTube and Google+ have been linked for years and in 2013, YouTube started requiring users to have a Google+ account in order to comment on videos. This requirement was later removed after a furious backlash from YouTube users, but the video-sharing website still interfaces with Google+ in many ways. Google+ has been criticized in the past for cracking down on gun-related content, and its current policy makes it clear that any shareable content related to firearms can be removed at its discretion.

“If your content promotes regulated goods and services, including alcohol, gambling, pharmaceuticals and unapproved supplements, tobacco, fireworks, weapons, or health/medical devices, you are responsible for applying the appropriate age and geographical restrictions for that content,” states Google+’s policy section. “If we receive a complaint that such content is targeting audiences in violation of applicable laws and regulations, we may remove or restrict the offending content or account.”

However, it is still unclear whether Google+ was connected in any way to Hickok45’s removal from YouTube. Hickok45 said he is currently in contact with YouTube and is working to resolve the situation, but it is unknown when, or if, the channel will be restored.

OutdoorHub will keep you updated as this story develops.

Image from Facebook and screenshot from YouTube

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55 thoughts on “Popular Gun Channel Hickok45 Banned from YouTube (UPDATE: Restored)

    1. If people start reporting the videos as inappropriate, due to language or violence…according to FB policy, they may get the “Ban Hammer” as well.

      1. yes do us all a favor all he did was copy Dugan, and with him not making any more videos all fps kyle does is make videos about a guy with a shitty fake Russian accent

  1. I’ve watched several of his reviews, especially in the last year as I considered different purchases. His style is straight forward, always safe and a gong worthy approach. I’ve never seen anything that I wouldn’t want my kids to see. I hope they straighten out this garbage quickly. Stay the course Greg! I’ve never posted a comment on your videos but I for one appreciate you.

  2. His videos were wholesome fun. He promoted safety and demonstrated that guns can be safe and fun. Very sad that he would be removed when there is a lot of other trash on there that is horrible for people to see.

  3. He’s popular-enough that he should invest in a dedicated server and host the videos on his own. He doesn’t need YouTube.

    1. He makes a lot of money off YouTube. Like 6 figures. On his own server he would have to charge a subscription and new viewers wouldn’t have access.

      1. Indeed, but why give any of that revenue to the liberal censors at Google? He could sell ads on his pages and within videos that would produce revenue. I’d agree that YouTube is very networked and convenient, but the guy is popular-enough to start his own dedicated page. Matt Drudge has used this business model for years.

  4. Google plus sucks ass and I was one of the biggest protestors when YouTube and Google sucks merged. Hickock45 had great videos, what a shame.

  5. As someone who supports stricter gun regulations I thinks it way too reactionary to have removed the mans channel. Iv seen his Halloween videos and didn’t feel he was promoting violence or irresponsible gun use.

    1. I agree… a government can have whatever restrictions on firearms it may have, but at a certain point it becomes a free speech issue. Besides that, it’s YouTube… we’ve all seen some of the garbage that can pop up. At least hickok’s channel will halfway help you out.

    2. You should learn how to spell and use the correct tense when you post a comment……”I thinks it way too reactionary”?…..”Iv seen his Halloween videos”? REALLY???? Go back to your bleeding heart Liberal support of “stricter gun regulations” so when violence comes to your house, you are the one without weapons……..Sheeple such as yourself are why poplular 2A channels such as hickok45 get taken down by Liberal Democratic Socialists……

  6. YouTube had been doing crazy things lately, like disabling my videos from being monetized that speak about news related articles about Russia, the United States, Isis, etc…. Freedom of speech is under attack! I have a gun channel as well Gruntvet2012, and the only reason my videos are safe there is because FULLSCREEN partnered me.

  7. Maybe its time for a christian loving service to start up that provides what google and youtube do without the type of censorship they do.

  8. Anyone surprised? Show a video on an 8 year old getting an abortion or anything homosexual and it’s okay. Be pro-2nd amendment and you’re punished.

  9. So ISIS can put up any damn thing it wants–beheadings and such–but Hickok45 can’t have his completely delightful, non-violent, and enjoyable shooting channel? Dear Lord, give me a different world that doesn’t have these asses in it. Please.

  10. I like the way you put the part about being unclear whether Google+ was connected in any way to Hickok45’s removal from YouTube. It is irresponsible for you to even imply this when you do not know. It is even worse that all of the people reading this are believing it without anything to substantiate the claim. Shame on all of you. Why not wait for the facts?Or is this a free advertising gimmick?

  11. Are you serious google +? How in the hell is a gun so offensive? In no way is he promoting his reviews in a violent or threatening way. He is not saying he wants do a school shooting or anything related. Google+ sucks so much.

  12. Note to author/Outdoorhub

    Are you sure it’s wise to post his real name on here? Did he give you permission to put it up? I know he values his privacy, despite his outward nature, but now anyone could look up his private information.

  13. And this crap starts immediately after Obama’s little executive order tirade. Liberal groupthink. It’s because of his association with Buds — the online type of store which Obama absolutely hates. I guarantee that’s the connection. Google will say he cannot promote them due to lack of background checks, or something.

  14. Why do we tolerate this? We are over 100 million gun owners and they want us for advertising revenue. Let’s ask them if they want us to stay or find alternatives.

  15. Google is a disgusting, Liberal, Nazi company. They track everything you do and they are slaves to the Liberal agenda. You Tube was a great place until Google took over. Now i can’t even sign into my old channels anymore.

  16. Understand that it is not a coincidence that hickock45 is having these problems right around the time president Obama is pushing more control regulations. What should be the real concern is the clear collusion between all forms for the media the the socialist in chief. Smacks very much of Goebbels and the propaganda arm of the Nazi’s… Don’t you think?

  17. It’s the same party line with all these leftist nut jobs, they use the law for their own lawlessness. Someone bled and died for their ” right ” to express themselves, while they drag liberty in the dirt, they somehow think they have the right to censor the very right that all of us have in the 2nd Amendment. You know, if Google does’nt like it here. Get the Hell out of here!

  18. I have enjoyed his videos immensely. I see no reason why they removed him; his traffic was great. Perhaps some anti-gun zealots were reporting his videos.

  19. I have been an investor in Google since the IPO.
    I hope that Google does not make the mistake Ebay made by letting Craigslist take over a big part of their market.
    LiveLeak is ready and showing beheadings until youtube does something stupid.

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