Every once and a while you watch a video online that raises more questions than it answers. This is one of those videos.

From the looks of it this man has been feeding raccoons on his porch for a while. First off, the raccoons were waiting on the porch like they just heard a dinner bell. Secondly, these animals are incredibly fat, which means they were probably being fed for quite some time. Also, if you looks closely you will see that the man is wearing a custom shirt with a raccoon on the front.

We are not sure why someone would do this, and we don’t support feeding wildlife like this in general.


Image screenshot of video by wampfoot's channel on YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Strange Video of the Day: Man Feeds Obese Raccoons from Porch

  1. The guy next door to my sister was feeding coon and one bit him. He did not want to tell his wife because she was against him doing it. It got horribly infected and he lost his foot above the ankle. They are wild animals , not cute things in fur coats. Just sayin.

    1. It got infected because he was too stupid to treat it. Yes, I agree, they are wild animals, but I’ve been around coons all my life, including several that neighbors rescued as tiny babies when their mothers were killed. You have to respect their intelligence and determination, but they are amazing animals.

  2. I understand that we have to respect the fact they are wild animals, and my wife and I always do. We have fed a few by hand, but mostly let them act like the wild critters they are. But, we do feed raccoon, along with opossums, foxes, squirrels and a lot of birds. We also enjoy watching the deer in our yard, and even had a coyote come around once in awhile.

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