Would you like something like this at your local gun shop? Tactical Graphics Inc. in Melbourne, Florida recently installed a new claw machine filled with AR accessories and ammo. From the pictures posted on the shop’s Facebook, it appears to be mostly Magpul products.

Claw machines are typically filled with cheap stuffed animals and are notoriously hard. We don’t know how easy it would be to nab one of the prizes here, but the machine is certainly a nice touch for customers. Tactical Graphics is a custom refinishing shop that specializes in water-transfer printing and coatings.

At least with this machine, you can lose your quarters over something other than stuffed characters from the latest Disney movie.

Images from Facebook

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15 thoughts on “Photos: FL Gun Store Fills Arcade Claw Machine with AR-15 Parts

  1. Hook that damn thing up to a web enabled controller, and GIVE ME A PLACE TO PUT IN MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER-I wanna play too!

  2. This is even better than the one they had at a seafood restaurant in Maine. That one had live lobsters and if you won they’d cook it for free.

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