Video: Fish with Half a Body Reportedly Survives 6 Months


Most of us have heard of how a cockroach can survive up to a week without its head, but can a fish live six months without half of its body?

That is apparently what happened to this golden belly barb after an injury removed its rear half–including the tail. According to the Independent, 36-year-old Watchara Chote first saw this strange fish in a market in Ratchaburi, Thailand. Chote bought the fish and then took it around the region as part of an exhibit. Following several months on the road, the plucky fish, named “I-Half” by Chote, finally passed on.

Golden belly barbs may not be too familiar to North American anglers, as they are native only to several rivers in Southeast Asia. They are popular aquarium fish and are very similar to carp, and seemingly also share their robust health. Please do not release any of these fish into your local fishing hole. The last thing we need is an invasive species that can survive with only half its body.

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