Video: Hickok45 Explains Why He Was Banned from YouTube


Video: Hickok45 Explains Why He Was Banned from YouTube

Earlier this week, the popular gun channel Hickok45 was removed from YouTube, drawing an intense backlash from the channel’s subscribers. The channel was restored the very next day, but the question remains, why exactly did YouTube ban one of its most popular gun channels? There were a lot of theories floating around before the channel went back up, including anything from a new anti-gun agenda from YouTube to even action from the government. The recent announcement of a new executive action from President Barack Obama only added to the speculation.

Of course, the simplest answer is usually the right one. Hickok45 recently uploaded a new video talking about his temporary ban. In it, he thanked his supporters and other major YouTube personalities that came to his defense, and he also speculated about the cause of the ban. As he says, he’s still not 100 percent sure, but he thinksĀ the whole thing may have been caused by a glitch within Google+. Initially, Hickok45 speculated that Google+, which is integrated with YouTube, may have removed his channel for violating its policy on gun-related content. That appears to not be the case, as Hickok45 says he was contacted by the Google+ support team and told that his channel fell within the service’s guidelines. YouTube also contacted him and stated that his channel did not violate any of its policies.

So did the channel’s termination really result from a hiccup in Google+? According to Hickok45, it does certainly seem that way. You can watch him and his son John talk about it below:

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