Earlier this week, the popular gun channel Hickok45 was removed from YouTube, drawing an intense backlash from the channel’s subscribers. The channel was restored the very next day, but the question remains, why exactly did YouTube ban one of its most popular gun channels? There were a lot of theories floating around before the channel went back up, including anything from a new anti-gun agenda from YouTube to even action from the government. The recent announcement of a new executive action from President Barack Obama only added to the speculation.

Of course, the simplest answer is usually the right one. Hickok45 recently uploaded a new video talking about his temporary ban. In it, he thanked his supporters and other major YouTube personalities that came to his defense, and he also speculated about the cause of the ban. As he says, he’s still not 100 percent sure, but he thinks the whole thing may have been caused by a glitch within Google+. Initially, Hickok45 speculated that Google+, which is integrated with YouTube, may have removed his channel for violating its policy on gun-related content. That appears to not be the case, as Hickok45 says he was contacted by the Google+ support team and told that his channel fell within the service’s guidelines. YouTube also contacted him and stated that his channel did not violate any of its policies.

So did the channel’s termination really result from a hiccup in Google+? According to Hickok45, it does certainly seem that way. You can watch him and his son John talk about it below:

Image from video by Hickok45 on YouTube

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16 thoughts on “Video: Hickok45 Explains Why He Was Banned from YouTube

  1. Update: He’s been banned again. I am all but certain this is another attempt at google to control content that they feel doesn’t uphold their companies Liberal Leanings. And although that is their right, it’s messed up.

    1. I agree its messed up but thank you for recognizing that it’s their right. Too many people fight for small government and then want this same government to tell sites what they can and can’t ban. Thanks for speaking for rights, even when it’s for the rights of people who do things we don’t like.

  2. Based on the fact that both Google+ and YouTube told him he was not in violation, both the first time and the second time were probably anti-gun folks hitting “report” and him being banned by algorithm. I would not rule out a campaign of even a fairly small number of anti-gunners, esp. if they create dummy accounts.

    Hopefully this gets straightened out and his account gets put in “public
    figure” mode where viewer reports actually get reviewed by humans not

  3. Google OWN’S YouTube, and “Hickok45” was Breaching the Contract set by Google. That’s why “Hickok45” was Banned…

  4. I just found hickok45 and find it very informative for someone considering a new gun purchase. Of course, the removal of his program from. You tube was poltically motivated. Liberals are constantly lecturing conservatives about intolerance and hatred while practicing hatred and intolerance themselves.

  5. I found hickock45 only recently looking for some current pistol reviews as I’m considering a 1911 pattern .45 ACP pistol. The world has spun a few revs since I carried a M1911A1, and later a M9. Eons ago I owned and carried a .357 mag revolver (required for the work I did). I’m shocked after watching his reviews that his account supposedly terminated for cause a year ago. I’m not too surprised it was only down for a day as sanity ultimately prevailed regarding the take down. If they’ve not gotten an explanation I doubt they ever will. As fast as it was restored, it’s obvious someone pulled the plug on them that shouldn’t have and YouTube is never going to ‘fess up about the details. Unlike some firearm reviews that just put rounds downrange and parrot specs that can be easily found on the manufacturer’s website, hickock45’s reviews are informative regarding practical use of the revolver, pistol or rifle along with some entertainment.


  6. Just testing the waters to see what bits. Ban one to see the reaction and learn how to systematically take them all down one chip at a time, small bits out of the elephant. No conspiracy hear, just see the facts. The question is why?

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