FullMag is known for destroying cars and electronics, but this time a pump action shotgun is at the receiving end of a Barrett .50 BMG rifle.

Richard Ryan, of FullMag, actually needed to destroy two shotguns to get this impressive footage. As he notes in the video, it’s exceedingly difficult to line up a rifle round to travel straight down the center of a 12 gauge barrel. Even with careful preparation he was unable to get a perfect angle, but even a glancing shot created serious destruction.

There are not many things on earth that hold up well to a .50 BMG round, and you can definitely add a pump action shotgun to that list.

Image from FullMag on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Shooting a .50 BMG Down a 12 Gauge Shotgun Barrel

  1. Oh Man, what a rip-off !!! I was all prepared to see some awesome conversion barrel, and breach block, to allow a 50 cal. round to be safely fired in a shotgun!!!

    Then you guys show us a blown up shotgun, that’s been by a Barrett 50. Well, DUH !!!! We could have guessed the outcome of that, WAY before seeing it. Actually, it’s not as bad as I would have predicted. I would have thought there would BE NO RECEIVER LEFT!!!

  2. OK next time you could just give me the shot gun lol i dont have one before you blow the guts out of it i need one to hunt with lol

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