Video: Larry Vickers Tests Aimpoint Red Dot That Survived House Fire


Your average red dot sight can survive temperature swings in normal environments, but this Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) survived a house fire.

We first reported on the story of a house fire that destroyed almost all of a family’s possessions except for a PRO mounted on a rifle. The fire even rendered the gun inoperable, but in a testament to the ruggedness of Aimpoint products, the sight survived with only minor damage. After the fire the homeowner sent his sight back to the manufacturer and they sent him a new one at no cost.

Aimpoint held on to that sight long enough for Larry Vickers to test it out on a new rifle. After cleaning off some of the soot and ash, the PRO functioned almost flawlessly on the range. The only issue Larry had with the sight was a slight haze in the lenses, but it did not have a major impact on his shooting. 

Overall this is a very impressive test, and we can see why the folks over at Aimpoint are proud of their work. You can read our review of the Aimpoint PRO here.

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