A bike? For hunting?

The ATV—or trusty pickup—may be the top off-road vehicle of choice for hunters right now, but Rambo bikes is hoping that their new R750C motor bike could edge in on the competition. Designed and equipped specifically for hunters, the R750C features a 59-pound aluminum alloy frame, a whisper quiet high torque motor, intelligent controls, and DZX Camo. The bike maker touts it as the perfect vehicle for checking up on trail cams, scouting land, and getting to your treestand without spooking deer.

It certainly is a change, but it does not come cheap. This motorized bike comes with a retail price tag of $2,995.

What do you think?

Image screenshot of video by Rambo Bikes on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Would You Ditch Your Hunting ATV for This Camo Bike?

  1. But still illegal for wilderness areas or even national forest and some BLM…Too bad..I am old but would love to get into those areas mentioned but alas, it has a motor and that is what I like about it..

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