Amsterdam sculptor Tadas Maksimovas headed this project of making a music box with 10 real, functioning pistols. It’s a bizarre concept that took a lot more work than he or his team anticipated. The mechanism that fired the guns was designed by none other than Joerg Sprave of the popular Slingshot Channel on YouTube, and the actual instrument used was a programmable wooden barrel-organ. As the organ played, pistols took the place of the steel combs and would shoot out the beat.

The team used blanks during the experiment. We wouldn’t be surprised if more than a few basic gun safety rules were broken during the endeavor, which isn’t exactly ideal. Also, the team did not appear to be very experienced with firearms, and cited many difficulties with operating the guns correctly. After the shootings in Paris late last year, the team decided to scrap the music video they had planned, but they did release this video on the making of the instrument.

It’s an interesting watch.

The Making of The Gun Music Box from Tadas Maksimovas on Vimeo

Image screenshot of video by Tadas Maksimovas on Vimeo

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