If you live in Iowa, it’s time to layer up. This week started off to such low temperatures that even the Iowa Department of Natural Resources commented on it.

“Today’s frigid temps reminded us of this post from two winters ago when temperatures at the Decorah Fish Hatchery were at -22 degrees—that was bad news for this trout, which jumped out of the water and stuck to the aluminum baffle on the wall of the raceway,” the department wrote on Facebook this Tuesday.

This photo may not be from this week, but that fish perfectly embodies how we feel when the thermometer dips under zero. Stay warm out there, and remember not to stick too close to large metal objects.

At -22 degrees, this fish probably should’ve stayed in the water.

Image courtesy Iowa Department of Natural Resources

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One thought on “Iowa DNR Archive Photo Shows Jumping Trout Frozen to Wall

  1. You want cold I live in a two man tent in Korea with no heat at -60 for almost a month in 1976 I was on special duty in the DMZ. Had two keep my boots in my sleeping bag so they wouldn’t be frozen stiff in the morning. So cold when you would pee it would freeze before it hit the ground now thats cold

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