Video: Game Camera Records Multiple Mountain Lions


Mountain lions are not known to be social creatures. It is very rare for North America’s biggest cat to seen in a group, but this game camera in Washington recorded several large mountain lions walking together. Perhaps the best explanation is that the group is actually a mother with her three cubs. Judging by their size, it may not be too long before they head off on their own.

Mountain lions typically try to establish their own territory at around two years of age, with males leaving sooner. Young cougars who fail to leave run the risk of coming into conflict with their parents, so they can travel far in the search of a place to call home. Depending on how many other cats are in the area, a cougar’s territory can extend up to 400 square miles or as small as just 10. Adults will only meet to mate, although peaceful encounters between females are not unknown.

Best Video Ever…Probably once in a life time.

Posted by Robin McCord Harina on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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