The Calico pistol is famous for its 100-round magazine, but this video features two of them firing at the same time.

For those of you keeping track at home, that’s 200 rounds of .22 LR being fired in a matter of minutes. Of course, the Calico pistol is also famous for it unreliable helical magazines. The shooter in the video did experience a few jams, but that did not make shooting 200 rounds any less fun.

If you had a choice between a 9x19mm Calico pistol and a .22 LR version, which would you choose? Let us know your answer in the comments below.

Image from GunWebsites on YouTube

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10 thoughts on “Video: Dual-wielding 200 Rounds of Calico Goodness

  1. I have just clicked to Un-follow OutdoorHub on my Facebook Feed, and I want to explain why. Your statement above says, “Any views or opinions in this article are those of the author and do not reflect those of OutdoorHub.” Which I understand, except, isn’t the choice of what is published on your website up to you? The above video, “Shooting Calico 100-round .22 pistol, is one of a number of video’s you’ve featured in the last few months that deal with topics that are currently very sensitive, and instead of fortifying the claim that law abiding gun owners are not craze minded idiots out there whor are interested only in seeing how fast or how many bullets they can fire in a short amount of time. WE, the law abiding gun owners understand what’s trying to be demonstrated and it looks like fun. However you’ve just pi##ed off several large segments of our population of Americans who are grasping for every straw they can to use as ammunition against us. Those who support a better environment for all living creatures are now mad that he just unloaded 200 rounds into the dirt. Big deal, right? Yes it IS! Birds, small mammals, don’t know what lead is. Ducks and geese will eat it thinking it’s food, or some type of gravel they can use in their gullet for digesting food. How many birds and mammals will die from eating all that lead? What about someone using that land for pasture for horses or cows, how many will get lead poisoning. We see a shooter firing off 200 rounds into the dirt. The anti-gun zealots just witnessed the entire script for the next school shooting that will take the lives of 200 plus students using the same type of firearms.

    Yes, we all know the likelihood of a .22 being used in a school shooting, but THEY don’t, THEY are completely uneducated, and don’t care to learn. To them a .22 is just as deadly as a .455 Casull, and in this case since the .455 Casull is only available, to the best of my knowledge, in revolvers with 5 or 6 shots, the .22 Calico will be viewed as being 20 times more deadly.

    Whomever the guy was in the video needs to get the sock out of his mouth so people can understand what he’s saying, way too much mumbling and talks too fast for anyone to understand him.

    I value my right to own firearms, and I will NOT be a party to anyone who treats it as flippant as some do, this are serious times that require extra care in how things are presented, or we will lose that right regardless of what the Constitution says. It’s up to US to PROVE we deserve the right and that the problem is not “WE” the Law Abiding Citizens, but a Criminal Issue, not a gun owner issue.

    Good Luck, and I hope you continue to grow but hope you do take a closer look at what you publish.

      1. That’s not what I said, so please don’t put words in my mouth. What do you think you gain, by doing nothing? If an anti-gun supporter watches it, they think AHA… endangering wildlife… shooting that many bullets for no reason other than shooting crazily not even aiming at a target… and 1,000 other claims that all paint you in a bad light.

        Other videos are those by Royal Nonesuch on YouTube. 12 gauge Shotgun shells fired from a bow? They can’t be used for hunting, so what good are they? A novelty yes, but worthless and certainly not connected to any kind of outdoor sport activity. If it were my kid and I caught him doing silly crap like that, he wouldn’t be making any more videos and probably not wanting to sit down much after I caught him either, it’s stupid, pointless and dangerous. Things like that only support the rhetoric of the anti-gun crowd that gun nuts are crazy and need to be stopped. Other anti-gun advocates will agree and those uninformed or on the fence will shake their heads and join the anti-gun crowd.

        My actions are to stop anyone from viewing these videos on MY Facebook page that may be construed of me supporting or promoting such activity, I don’t so will not spread it by allowing it to be viewed from my feed. As far as my personal stand with guns, I went on my first deer hunt at 8 years of age, 1959. I’ve been a hunter, gun owner, target shooter since. I’ve also used my firearms for personal protection a number of times during my lifetime at home and at work. Unlike you apparently I don’t have to constantly rub someone’s nose in stupid videos that supports their propaganda, to try to make a point.

    1. Oh my GOD, we can’t OFFEND anybody! The anti-gun zealots don’t need this. Not that they won’t use it, but who gives a shit. They’re perfectly happy to make stuff up out of whole cloth. You’re not one of us, Sam, you’re one of them. Go daub your eyes on a tissue.

    2. Oh boy, you are worried about people shooting into the dirt? I hope you never visit and outdoor range, you may have an aneurysm. or realize massive swaths of the entire earth are littered with lead bullets from centuries of shooting guns at one another in wars. You need to worry less about what idiots think. otherwise you just limit your own enjoyment and they will find something else to complain about.

  2. look, if you are worried about a shrinking demographic (anti gunners) knock yourself out. Im not going to stop enjoying myself or watching others have fun as long as it isnt endangering anyone. Hunters have used lead based ammunition for centuries and it hasnt hurt anything.

    1. Doom, you said ” Hunters have used lead based ammunition for centuries and it hasnt hurt anything.” and that’s where YOU are wrong. It has hurt things and that’s WHY they now ban lead shot for hunting waterfowl. It’s poisoned the ducks, geese, and fish in the lakes were those species were hunted. Just because your shot hits a duck or goose, doesn’t mean it kills them. Months or years later an eagle kills and eats that duck or goose you shot and the eagle ingests lead pellets still in that bird and the eagle dies from Lead Poisoning.

      From an article “Bald Eagle Dies of Lead Poisoning” that was published January 16, 2016…

      “Wildlife contract lead poisoning by eating it directly, sometimes mistaking lead shot for food or grit, and by eating carcasses of other animals which have swallowed or been shot by lead.”

      Now, tell me again how hunters “using lead shot for centuries and it hasn’t hurt anything.”

      Use your favorite Search engine and look up “eagle dies from lead poisoning” and you’ll find thousands and thousands of articles and studies dealing with that issue. Check and verify the facts before making claims that make you look foolish.

      State of Washington Study on lead poisoning in Wildlife…

      “Chen and Daroub (2002) studied a firing range in central Florida and found that the high accumulation of lead at the site would easily qualify it as a hazardous waste disposal site.”

      1988 study by the US Forestry and Wildlife Services… “it was estimated that U.S. hunters deposited some 6000 metric tons of lead shot annually into lakes, ponds, and estuaries.”

      1. I dont hunt, and and if you eat lead, sure it is bad for you, but it isnt making the land barren or anything. Not really sure how the lead is staying in their systems long enough to kill them unless they are constantly eating it which is pretty hard to believe.

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