Video: When It’s So Frozen You Have to Dig a Hole for Your Auger


At this point, we don’t know if these men are trying to drill a hole for ice fishing, or take part in some scientific experiment. According to the post that followed this video on Facebook, these anglers had to carve out a hole in the ice with chainsaws so they could get down to a depth where their auger could actually reach the water. Apparently it took them three hours before they managed to drill through the last of the ice.

We have no idea where this took place, but we can assume it’s somewhere in Russia. Super thick ice is not unheard of in this part of the world, and during especially cold winters the lake ice in the famous—or notorious—Lake Baikal can measure up to seven feet thick. The ice is historically so thick on certain lakes in Siberia that makeshift train tracks could be laid across them. Of course, an actual train would sink instantly, so horses would haul carriages across them.

Зимняя рыбалка. Жесть.(3 часа били лунку…)

Posted by Новости от Шорр Кана on Thursday, January 14, 2016

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