We don’t know about you, but this doesn’t seem very safe to us. This daring police officer demonstrates his balance and skill by standing up on a speeding motorcycle and shouldering his rifle. While the feat is impressive, this is definitely one of those situations where a lot of things can go very badly, very fast. We don’t know where or when this was filmed, but the vast majority of viewers speculated that it occurred somewhere in Mexico.

The video reminds us of this man shooting an AK while walking on a barrel. Of course, he wasn’t speeding along on a highway.

What do you think? Would doing this give the officer a definite tactical advantage? Or is it just a showoff move that would have little application in the real world?

You might want to turn down your volume a bit for this one.

These motorcycle cops got skills!

Posted by Biker Dad on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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One thought on “Video: Acrobatic Officer Tries Daring Motorcycle Maneuver

  1. Hmmm.. Riding a big bike at that speed with cruise control is easy to stand up on the pegs just like a bicycle. Have I? Yep. Would I fire an AR? Maybe. Next to the sand and gravel shoulder..NO. Standing on the seat? Nope. Just because ya can doesn’t mean ya should. lol This is one of those “Hold my beer and watch this” moments.

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