For 37 years, the International Sportsmen’s Exposition (ISE) has come to Denver, drawing thousands of hunting, fishing, and outdoor enthusiasts to Colorado’s largest sporting expo. Never in the event’s history has it been the target of protest, until a week ago when a group of activists interrupted at least one of the expo’s hunting seminars. The protest appears to have been organized on Facebook by a group called Direct Action Everywhere, which describes itself as an “animal liberation” organization founded in 2013.

“Activists as young as 12 came from as far away as Fort Collins and Colorado Springs to speak with one voice at the International ‘Sportsmen’s’ (Murder Hobbyists’) Expo at the Colorado Convention Center,” the group wrote on its Facebook page. “Thousands of people attended, including many young children and bought killing equipment and animal remains. They could improve their killing skills at any one of six simultaneously held seminar tracks. We disrupted an ‘early season’ deer killing lesson.”

Attendees of the expo describe it differently. What the protesters actually interrupted was a seminar on elk hunting and conservation given by Chris Roe, a certified wildlife biologist and owner of Roe Outfitters LLC. Audience members recalled the protesters storming the stage and chanting loudly. At one point, some of the protesters demanded to know why the speaker hunted elk and not his own dogs.

“Why don’t you see that elk are feeling, intelligent creatures just like your dog?” shouted one of activists.

The remainder continued to chant until a small scuffle broke out and they were led away by expo staff. You can see a video of the disruption below:

DxE International Murder Expo Disruption, DenverActivists as young as 12 came from as far away as Fort Collins and Colorado Springs to speak with one voice at the International “Sportsmen’s” (Murder Hobbyists’) Expo at the Colorado Convention Center. Thousands of people attended, including many young children and bought killing equipment and animal remains. They could improve their killing skills at any one of six simultaneously held seminar tracks. We disrupted an “early season” deer killing lesson. TRANSCRIPT: Presenter (on stage): All right. First things first. What we are talking about here, and I’m going to go right into a couple of assumptions – we are talking about – Aidan (activist off camera): Why elk? Why do you kill elk? Presenter: Because we enjoy hunting, we want to put meat in the freezer, and – Aidan: Why are you willing to kill elk but not your dog? Presenter: All right. We’ll tackle that here in a minute. Aidan (on camera): Why don’t you see that elk are feeling, intelligent creatures just like your dog? [staff person in camo vest takes Aidan’s bag away and grabs him by his sleeve] Presenter (stammering): Then – I think you need to stick around for my seminar. Aidan (now standing in front of center stage): It’s not sport! Other activists: It’s violence! Presenter (laughing incredulously): This is awesome! [audience boos, camo vested man grabs Aidan roughly again and drags him off to the side] Activists (coming in front of center stage, with signs): It’s not sport, it’s violence! It’s not sport, it’s violence! Animals feel, just like us! Animals love, just like us! Animals love their babies, just like us! Animals feel pain, just like us! Animals feel fear, just like us! It’s not sport, it’s violence! It’s not sport, it’s violence! Their bodies, not ours! [some audience members flap their hands at the protesters, clap sarcastically, make hand gestures] [presenter and camo vested man confer briefly on stage] Presenter (wryly, not sure what to do): Where’s your radio show when you need it? This would get awesome ratings. [Activists continue chanting for about a minute, “It’s not sport, it’s violence! Their bodies, not ours!”] [camo vested man snatches signs out of activists’ hands, some of the activists manage to keep their signs out of reach] [at about 2:13, camo vested man snatches Marilyn’s bag, pulls her hair, and shoves her] [some of the audience members leave, others erupt into a dull roar] Audience members: Get them out, get them out! Protest outside, protest outside! [audience members and expo staff drag the activists away]

Posted by Direct Action Everywhere – Denver on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bowhunting World editor Jace Bauserman, who had just finished his presentation before the protest, said the entire crowd was on edge.

“I was furious,” he wrote on Grand View Outdoors. “I had brought my wife and three kids to watch me speak, and it’s difficult to explain to children the level of hatred one person can have for a complete stranger. My eight-year-old daughter looked at a woman holding a sign that read ‘I Love Hunting Accidents,’ then peered up at me through worried eyes and asked, ‘Daddy, does that lady want you to die?'”

The protesters eventually left the seminar and moved to another section of the expo. According to the organizers, the disruption was a hiccup in an otherwise successful conference.

“First time we’ve had such an event,” the ISE wrote on its own Facebook.

“If you were there, we’d also like to hear your thoughts about the incident,” the organization added. “Ignorance most likely will never go away. This why we must get our facts right.”

What do you think?

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70 thoughts on “Anti-hunting Protesters Crash Sportsmen’s Expo, Harass Hunters

  1. The protesters don’t look like vegetarians. Well fed! LOL. Do they think their meat comes from a plant? Just trying to get 15 seconds of fame. Go protest Hillary, Al Sharpton and Obama! Happy and safe hunting everyone. 🙂

    1. I think they should go try and protest to the wolves, coyotes, bears, bobcats, and mountain lions. I know they take more animals than I do and not once have I seen them at the counter buying a tag. See how long that protest lasts. Better yet, stand in the highway and protest all the vehicles that are used to MURDER these creatures ; )

  2. Those who reject hunting and fishing as unnecessary and cruel have never compared the impact of either considering the impact in comparison to the option of agriculture. To clarify, an animal hunted is immediately replaced by another that would otherwise perish for lack of resources. Nature always breeds more animals than habitat can support and the rest die of starvation or disease. To consume the excess in a sustainable manner has no impact on animal populations and no impact upon the habitat upon which wildlife depends. Agriculture (even plant agriculture), on the other hand, kills every individual, of every major species, on any landscape converted to that purpose. Fields of beans or broccoli are not developed from barren dirt, and wherever they exist the myriad wild creatures that once inhabited these spaces are destroyed. In fact, they and every generation descended from them that might otherwise have been expected to inhabit the land are forever eliminated.

    Consider the millions of acres of forest, wetland and grassland converted to exotic monoculture serving no species besides man; consider the billions of pounds of chemicals dumped into the soil, water and air, and consider the trillions of gallons of fresh water diverted from sensitive aquatic systems, all for agricultural purpose. Agriculture is today recognized to be the foremost cause of extinction, world-wide, as well as the single greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Certainly, meat production bears responsibility for the greater part of this damage, but this does not alter the fact that where we may consume, in a well-regulated and sustainable manner, some portion of those wild populations inhabiting undisturbed lands, then we have the responsibility to do so in order to avoid the even greater animal death and environmental impact that results from agriculture of any sort–even plant agriculture.

    Of course, the human population is too large to exist entirely off wild fish and game, and so will continue to rely primarily on agriculture for its nutritional needs. But where wild foods are available, it makes sense to utilize them fully. Hunters in the state of Tennessee consume over 500,000 squirrel, annually. Add to this the millions of deer, pronghorn, elk, turkey, geese, pheasant, and innumerable fish taken across the continent, and it becomes apparent that wild game may effectively provide tens, if not hundreds of millions of meals each year. It is a mistake to criticize the rural resident who supplements his diet with fish and game considering that his alternative is to reduce the acreage of wild land available to native species in order to grow his own meal. Putting all prejudices aside, we should encourage those who would step off the back porch and into the woods to hunt deer or turkey rather than drive fifty miles in each direction to the nearest grocery store in order to purchase their meal from the vegetable counter. The fact is, eating ethically is somewhat more nuanced that many are willing to admit.

      1. I think you are too hard on agriculture. This American family farmer does not dump chemicals anywhere. We do use them when nessary. My farm is full of wildlife, abundant whitetail deer, bald eagles, fox, bobcat, coyote, beaver, ducks, birds, rabbits, raccoon, turkey ,etc. I am not saying my land provides everything woods do, but it provides a lot of food and cover for many species. Your comments about farming are exactly the same as the anti-hunters, ignorant. We hunt and manage the wildlife, have put the unproductive land in CRP. Farming is my only means of income, my son is the 4th generation to live off this land. This land is more productive than it has ever been, more deer than it has ever been.

      2. Every situation varies, of course. I used to see a dozen pheasant every time I drove the highway. Now, it has been twenty years since I have seen even one. Around here, farmers leave nothing along the edges of their farms for wildlife and the land is completely barren except for the crop being grown. The rivers are dry, and farmers compete with salmon for what little water remains during the summer months. On the northern prairie, many species of waterfowl struggle to find adequate breeding habitat. Farmers plow right up to, or fill, the potholes they depend upon for nesting cover and duck populations have crashed as a result. The productivity of these lands has risen, but only when the measure of productivity is crop tonnage, not wildlife.

        I understand the need for efficiency, and eat plenty of farmed produce. I am simply making the point to those opposed to hunting or fishing on the grounds that it is “unnecessarily destructive” that there is, in fact, no better way to acquire food in terms of environmental impact (to the point that it remains sustainable). Also, in an environment where we grow more food than we can consume, I wonder if subsidies are counter-productive. We should subsidize those who farm in such manner as protects the land and its wildlife–as we do with CRP.

      3. I agree with most of what you said however modern agriculture is not without its issues. I’m the furthest from a green weenie or eco-hippie but it doesn’t matter how much we are told it is safe the use of GMO’s like the Round Up Ready strains doesn’t make common sense. No I don’t think they will mutate and destroy everything and yes they do make farming easier and more productive but at what cost? The use of these GMOs make repeatedly spraying Glyphosate and other chemicals on fields every year a standard practice. Over time (may take many years) these chemicals will saturate the soil with various compounds that will be up-taken by the plants and into food we eat either directly or indirectly as grain for livestock feed. Just because the plants have been modified to be immune to these compounds doesn’t mean they still don’t contain chemical residue and it doesn’t mean humans are immune to the long term effects of consumption of them. Glyphosate and other various chemicals absolutely have their place but saturating our food with them doesn’t pass the smell test. Round Up has a very clear warning on it that it is toxic to aquatic life. Residue undoubtedly is washed into rivers and streams and what is the long term effects of that? Other chemicals dispersed on the ground every year like nitrogen fertilizer is absolutely known to wash off into waterways and rivers. This addition of extra nutrient causes problems with the ecosystem and can affect municipalities source of drinking water. One way is the large algae blooms that are fostered by the added nutrient which depletes the water of oxygen and kills aquatic life and makes the water overall unappealing. Do you have any of these blooms where you live? We do almost annually being in a primary ag state. According to my state in just 2006 40,000 tons of nitrogen and almost 5,000 tons of phosphorus left the state via the main rivers from runoff. That’s 5 semi truck loads per day every day that makes it way into the rivers. So yes I do agree with “stewart lands” in the sense that this practice is not sustainable long term and has adverse effects on the land. Large scale mono crop ag is geared towards making the largest cheapest yield possible short term and soil quality issues like natural composition, contamination and top soil loss can take a backseat. It’s a cycle in that one bad practice leads to another. Mono crop ag techniques like continually turning the soil exposes it to evaporation and destruction of the natural beneficial microbial life. (Where large scale irrigation is used to replace lost moisture it can lead to long term soil salinization from the ground water which causes the plants to require more water which increases salinization which requires more water, etc, etc, etc). Artificial fertilizer must be applied to improve the nutrient level. The lack of soil quality and addition of fertilizer promotes weed growth which then requires chemicals to be applied. The increased use of these chemicals led to development of GMOs which leads to more chemical use and cycle repeats. No I don’t have the answers but thinking everything is OK and future is bright is like burying our head in the sand and hoping it goes away.

      4. Yea, prove him wrong! Hunters do more for game population than anyone else! Not just by thinning the heards, but by money donated for animal habitat! You sick, anti-everything, including common sense, losers don’t mind the monthly dump truck full of babies murdered by abortion, but kill a deer? You people are insane!

  3. End game.
    No hunting, no cattle farms, no horse ranches, no zoo’s, no pets (to include cats and dogs), no fishing, no goldfish bowls, and no research using animals.

    1. When it comes to animals and research, they’d rather abort babies chop them up and sell the parts they “liberals” can justify that in their f*cked up minds ! Put’s me in mind of some other crazy bastards out there now that justify killing anyone that doesn’t believe in their ways ! my2cents

  4. What’s their argument against a person providing food for their family the same way people have been providing food for their families for thousands of years? I know a guy that doesn’t make a ton of money so he goes out, bags him whatever is in season and because of that, he’s happier because his family isn’t going hungry and he now has weeks or months worth of game meat. Why would someone be against providing for their family?

    1. So the “thousands ” in attendance have to resort to killing wildlife so their “fanily isn’t going hungry”? That excuse has nore holes in it than Swiss cheese, and to be frank, is getting hilarious. How do they have enough $$$ for outfitters, hunting clothing, guns, rifles, crossbows, annunition, vehicles large enough to carry a deer, license fees, gasoline, etc…Perhaps they need to spend that $$ on getting a better job to support the fanily who sounds like they couldn’t afford .

      1. It’s not an excuse! He/they don’t need an excuse! It is our constitutional right to hunt and fish. Don’t like it, move to England back under the tyranny of the king. Give up our freedom to hunt and fish? For who, you? What a pompous ass! How do you know some of these people aren’t capable of what you expect of them? What do they do in the meanwhile as they “self improve” for you? What if they are happy, and don’t want to go to school, and life rehab and all the BS PSYCHO BABBLE you “no consumptives” spew. Maybe they are already working in agriculture sixteen hours a day or more, to put food on your table. You people make me sick to my stomach. Your fascist attitude is incredible. Go to hell. How about we outdoors men and women crash and protest your little circle jerk meetings, conferences, and shows. What makes you so special that you get to harass people? You people are desperate and flailing because no one is listening to your crap except other fascist, socialist, idiot robots like you.

      2. Nore holes? Look genius, you hate everything trash don’t understand because you don’t investigate! You just hate! Thousands of poor families are fed during hunting seasons across America due to hunters donating meat harvested!

      3. You can’t rationalize anything with a freaking liberal, if it’s not their way it’s going to be wrong in their mind. Why bother if they get in your face , remove them from your face with extreme prejudice ! my2cents

      4. Go to McDonalds and enjoy your hamburger idiot. People has been hunting for thousands of years around this world. Jerks like you do not agree on hunting and you think nobody should. What I do in my state and my property is none of your business. Now that hunting season is over with, you are more than welcome to come over and try to protect these poor animals he he he I dare you

      5. We choose to harvest our own meat free of growth hormones and additives. Perhaps you should mind your own business Liberal and leave people who choose to hunt alone. Trying practicing the BS Liberal mantra “co-exist”.

    2. They are anti-family, carpet munchers, and homosexuals! They are miserable, evil, Godless, scum who have reprobate minds!

  5. Hunters should go to the farmers market and explain to them that plants have feelings just like animals and shouldn’t be plucked from their home taken to a strange place boiled and eaten.

    1. You’re an idiot. If you were not, you would have learned in school that plants do not have a nervous systen. I can’t believe the stupidity of hunters.

      1. I can’t believe your stupidity. Do you know what would happen if none of the animals were hunted. The disgusting diseases that they spread when they are not thinned out alone is enough to make someone puke. There is no-one who loves animals more than i do, and when my husband and i are out there we enjoy all of nature not just the killing of the animals. You should listen to yourself and how ridiculous the things sound that you are saying.

      2. Plants do communicate .They may even be self aware. And there are meat eating plants like the venus fly trap. People should only eat the fruits or seeds of plants and not the plants themselves.Otherwise they are murdering plants. Plants have rights too….

      3. Each year, millions of innocent plants are ripped from their homes and ruthlessly devoured……, join the resistence……, eat more bacon……

      4. Bacon! I’d get it myself but I don’t have thumbs! Oh, wait, I do have thumbs! And I did have bacon, earlier today! Bacon! I love bacon! Bacon!!

      5. Thumbs? Well that kills the possibility that Lisa Messmer is the secret identity of Stoner Sloth,,,,,,,,,,, plus pigs are a lot quicker than an animal that moss grows on can move.

        On the other hand, I have it on good authority that you and Wonder Woman have NEVER been seen together………, hmmmmm? lol

      6. Hey dipshit! Your own “scientists” say different. Plants flourish when you talk to them and play Mozart and shit. Then you rip them up by their roots, chop them to pieces while they are still alive, then grind your sap thirsty teeth through their remains. Many of which are still alive as you destroy their essence.

        BTW: it your stupidity that is unbelievable. You are just a person like anyone else. Nothing makes you special and you are not so intelligent that you and the “useful idiots” like you, have the juice to rag on anyone. So go to hell, move to whatever failing socialist country you wish, and leave people alone.

  6. I think a lot of these people are probably pissed off when they equate ‘subsistence’ hunting (which I support) with ‘trophy’ hunting (which I oppose). They hear about some guy shooting a lion so he can display it in his study and figure that’s what all hunters are like. I know I’ll probably get flamed for this but where do you draw the line? Is helicopter hunting okay? How about luring the game off of the protected lands? Until hunters stand up and say ‘There should be limits to what we do’ more and more members of the public, which by this time are about two generations removed from hunting, will get pissed off.
    Just my two cents.

    1. I don’t know if most people realize this or not but most of the game animals that have larger antlers or horns are the older animals that have a lot more edible meat. These animals may be considered a “Trophy ” by many because of the larger rack but to most hunters it’s a trophy because it’s an older animal that has more meat. The larger antlers are a bonus.

      1. There’s a big difference between a “trophy” elk or deer, and a “trophy” zebra, rhino, lion, or elephant. And most hunters won’t pass up a good sized elk or deer even if it’s not the biggest one out there.

  7. After the anti’s ( low life’s) protested they went to McDonalds to have a hamburger there where no animals were harmed

    1. After the hunters killed their bucks, bears, elk, etc….they went to the nearest tavern to discuss the overpopulation of these species but also angrily discussed how “pests” such as coyotes and wolves are killing fawns, cubs, etc.. and that they need to be killed too. This is a logic, unfortunately, that only hunters can understand.

      1. Your intelligence is something that you are lacking. One question !!! What have you done to preserve the wildlife? It is the hunters that has brought back many species and it is not just the wild game but many non game species has been brought back from near extinction. Not your protesting and griping about hunters. Hunter (you seem to hate) has more passion about natural resources than you bunny huggers can even think about. Your worthless antis has not spend a dime on preserving wildlife. 55% is spent on paying on lawyers fighting hunters. 45% goes to employees pockets. Every dime from taxes spent on merchandise goes to resources. What all this boils down to you are blowing in the winds and have no clue what the hell you are talking about. You are better of going to you local mental facility and check yourself in.

  8. I think it would have been great if the attendees would have given the “protesters” a 30 minute head start and then turn them loose. They could have the heads mounted for their next convention.

  9. These protesters don`t seem to understand that the life and death struggle is how the universe works. They are very naive and ignorant. From the microscopic level upwards, organisms are killing and being killed. On the land, in the oceans and in the air, this struggle goes on constantly and is the norm. Even the earth itself is trying to kill us with cold and heat and volcanoes and hurricanes and disease and wear and tear and it eventually it wins the battle. The planet earth is actually being attacked too by the suns radiation and by meteorites and gravitational forces. Mankind and all living organisms here have struggled against all of this and it has made us what we are today.
    We humans are a part of this web of life and of this life and death situation and we are all predators in one way or another. And we are also prey too, prey to disease, other humans, wild animals and even planet earth itself as mentioned above.
    Humanity is a part of this life and death struggle and we have evolved this way. Going out into the wild and hunting animals or plants is what made us who we are and that is why it is so rewarding for us today in our modern world.
    These protesters are naive because they don`t realize that others are doing the predation for them that gives them what they have to live good lives today.
    Of course all living things want to live and never die. And living creatures like deer and others higher animals have “feelings”.
    I live in the forest and I have actually made “friends” with a wild mule deer doe over the last few years and have studied her behaviour close up. I give her a bit of food in the winter to help her get through the lean times.
    She is a very caring mother. But her main interest in life is to eat. She spends most of her time eating, when she is not running away from predators who want to eat her. And in the deer world, it is every deer for itself and survival of the fittest. I have seen her push her young ones aside if there is little food available or run other deer off that come close. No charity in the deer world it seems. I have witnessed this same behaviour with red squirrels.

    Humans are a part of this life and death struggle on planet earth and it is not wrong to hunt or kill, no more than it is wrong for an eagle or wolf or Orca in the ocean to do the same. Often times animals that we hunt get away to live another day. That is why it is called a sport. The animals have a sporting chance to escape as we pit our skills against theirs. That is why I try to use only basic hunting equipment and not high tech military style gear when I go hunting. Bow hunters are the epitome of this philosophy I would think. And the days of market hunting for wild animals is over, justly so.
    I often think that farmed animals have it worse because they have short lives and are sure to die young.

    Hunters contribute greatly to wildlife populations, not just because we want to hunt, but because we want to have those populations on earth to continue this wondrous and amazing struggle of life and death for future generations of humanity. So they too can be thrilled by the hunt and know what life is really all about.

    1. The aninals have a “sporting chance”?? Sorry, but do they have weapons such as rifles and crossbows?? Can they use these weapons? Sorry but until they do, they do not have a “sporting chance” and I didn’t even discuss your use of tree stands, anti-scent sprays, and the disgusting practice of baiting aninals.

      1. Hey pete you have a right to your opinion, but some of the things you are saying are so far out there. you say the animals should have weapons what kind of a statement is that? hunting elk and deer e.t.c. is a sport and it is the way of managing the herds and the meat is not wasted. Pete you need to be evaluated by a doctor!!

      2. You should come hunting with me sometimes because I often do not get anything. I only hunt game birds and rabbits though. Many of them are pretty crafty. These other animals “weapons” are teeth and claws and strong muscles and excellent hearing and smell and extreme wariness and instinct. Bears and other large animals can kill people as you know and sometimes do. Two hunters in my area were killed by a grizzly with yearlings a few years back after they had killed an elk. They put their weapons down and got busy cleaning the animal when the bears suddenly showed up and claimed the kill. The hunters were found dead. One hunter had crawled under a logging slash pile where he died after bleeding to death. The other had been mauled to death,
        As for deer, I have been chased by a a mother deer when I tried to rescue her injured fawn. She outweighed me and they have very sharp hooves. I finally had to confront her head on and the only weapon I had was a stick and a rock. I yelled at her loudly and for a minute there I thought I was going to have to do battle and maybe die. But thankfully I convinced her to back down. I don`t think she liked the big rock in my hand or the look of the stick.
        I personally have never used a tree stand or baited an animal and likely never will. But some hunters may need to do this to be successful depending on where they live. And I think anti-scent sprays may be overrated. I think all a hunter has to do is wear rubber boots and be downwind of the animal but again, it depends where you hunt. Deer have extremely good hearing and vision.
        Ducks and Grouse use speed and camouflage. Pheasants often wait until you are right on them and then explode into flight. The sudden loud noise and fast spped is their “weapon” they use to defend themselves.
        A lot of animals are killed in automobile collisions on our highways. It is so bad here that they had to build big fences to stop them from getting onto the highways. Access tunnels under the highway were built specifically for them, spaced every so often so that the animals could move through their wildlife corridor.

        Also near where I live, a woman was killed when a cougar leaped from a tree onto a young girl on the back of a horse her daughter was riding. It began to kill the girl so her mother attacked the cougar with her bare hands. It turned on the mother and ended up killing her. A hunter came along with a gun and the battle was over.

        I read the book”David Thompson: Travels in Western North America 1784-1812″. One of the stories talks about an Indian village he visited. The great grizzled bears would come into their village in the fall and raid their winter food stores, essentially destroying them. There was not much they could do to stop them and the Indians would often starve because of this. Their lances and arrows had little effect and often brave warriors were killed trying to stop them. Mr. Thompson gave them a gun and the Indians were very grateful for they could finally stop the bears once and for all.

        If you do not believe that animals do not have weapons, I recommend you go up to Alaska where Timothy Treadwell spent time among the great bears. You too could live with them for awhile without any means of self defense and let us know how it goes. Or you could go to Churchill Manitoba and spend time with the Polar bears. I am sure they would love to be petted and cuddled. Please let us know how that goes too.

      3. The injured fawn was on a main trail in the park I look after. I moved it off to the side and its mule deer mother was fine with that. She watched me from a short distance. It was on a mountain side so I built up a little fence with branches so it would not roll down. Then I went home and made some phone calls. A veterinarian agreed to look at it if it did not get better. But I did not hold out much hope. It appeared that its neck or back may have been broken because it kept arching its head back but could not straighten out.
        Towards the evening I went back and the fawn was gone. That gave me some hope. But when I looked down the mountain side I could see it was there, laying up against a log down below. The mother doe was standing over it. It was not moving. So I scrambled down the mountain until I got near it. The mother ran away and stopped some distance away, watching me.
        There was the fawn, laying on its back, tongue out, dirt all around its nose and mouth. It looked dead. I felt badly for it and for the mom. But then I noticed that it was still breathing! I thought to myself that maybe there was still some hope. So I reached down and said to it”your coming with me to the vet! ”
        I reached down and picked it up. As soon as I got it in my arms I knew I was in trouble. It started kicking and screaming loudly. I had no idea they could make such a noise. Without even looking at the doe I knew what was going to happen. I turned and looked towards her and there she was, running at full speed towards me. I felt a rush of fear and my first thought was”great, now i am going to be killed by a deer”. I had carried bear spray with me the time before but this time I left it at home.
        I quickly set the fawn back down and started running in the opposite direction. I was in my late fifties at the time but I felt like I was 18 again. The adrenaline kicked in and I ran like the wind along the side of the mountain. But of course, nobody can outrun a deer. I looked back and could see she was gaining on me. She went right past her fawn and kept coming. I wasn`|t going to go down without a fight. I had seen how deer can attack dogs and other predators with their hooves and I have watched deer fight each other by rearing up and then coming down hard onto their opponents with their sharp front hooves. I had visions of her getting me in the head.

        When she got really close I figured I had to make a stand. There was a small bush or tree no more than 3 feet high but that is all I had for cover. I spied a big rock on the ground and a stick and picked them up and then there she was, right in front of me with a mean look in her eye. I went around the tree and she followed. So I started yelling really loudly and waved that stick and held that rock by my head. I was about to let loose with it, aiming for her head, right between her eyes when she suddenly stopped, glaring intensely at me. So I hesitated. I kept yelling for her to back off and then I slowly started backing away and that was the end of it. When I got some distance I threw the stick and rock away and ran for my life. She did not pursue.
        I did not blame her . She was only doing her motherly and parental thing by defending her young.
        Just before the sun went down I went back and she was still there, standing over her fawn. This time I had my bear spray and carried a big crowbar. But I did not go down to see the fawn. She saw me and seemed to make a small threatening gesture. I yelled at her not to worry as I was no longer interested. I never returned.
        The lesson I learned here was not to interfere with mother nature, no matter what. Let nature takes it course. The fawn likely died but at least the mother would have closure and the coyotes and birds probably had a little snack.
        There are big mule deer bucks here to and in rutting season, they too can be pretty intimidating with those big pointy antlers. And because this is a park and are not hunted , they are used to people and not as fearful of humans as in wilder areas. I had to retreat into my house this fall as one approached me without fear. I do was not taking any chances…

      4. That’s a sad tale. Too bad for that fawn, but at least you tried to help. Nature can be cruel… by our standards. It’s much “better” when death is quick, even for the young. I hate to see anything suffer. I read a few days ago here about a man who shot at a grizzly bear who’d carried off his wife, and one shot ricocheted off a tree, hitting her in the chest and that bullet was the actual cause of her death. May have actually been a blessing in disguise.. I’m sure it’s a traumatic thing for him to live with, but far better for the woman to die that way than to die by mauling by that grizzly or to be eaten alive.. the grizzly ended up dying as well, but still… she probably would have suffered a lot more had she not been killed by that bullet. Another lesson to keep in mind is to always keep your bear spray on you! Thanks for taking the time to relate your story. Poor fawn, poor mama deer. Glad you got away without being hurt, too.

    2. Legal protest, I think not. With the anti hunting government we now have it’s no wonder this type of action is permitted to happen. What a same especially for the attendees who paid their ticket price.

    3. Wrong. Humans are the most intelligent animal on the planet, the only organism that modifies its environment on a mass scale to support itself, therefore we have a higher responsibility to protect wild animals. We have waged war on the environment, the earth that we evolved on, the only place in the known universe that can support our species life, or any life at all. We are at a turning point – destroy the wilderness that we rely upon to live, or destroy it and die a slow death. Only idiots and fools hunt, there is no need for it in the modern world and you are selfishly destroying the few wild creatures left for future generations to peacefully enjoy.

  10. They should have been taken out back and all slapped hard up the side of the head, kids too for hanging with stupid parents.

    1. It’s not the kids’ fault they have idiots for parents. Having idiots for parents is punishment enough. Hopefully smart parents raise smart kids who can educate their friends who are not so fortunate to have smart parents.

  11. Is no one going to quote the Bible?????????? Genesis 9:3 Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything. If you are wondering if he is speaking of animals, read verse 2. Now I suppose you will attack the fact that I’m a Christian. I am and proud to say it. I am a Christian that loves hunting with my bow.

    1. Whilst God may exist, the bible was written by a bunch of power hungry idiots 2000 years ago and only fools that are afraid of death or without a logical brain cell in their skull believe it. I would shoot you because people who hunt deserve to die, but I would never shoot an innocent animal.

  12. Instead of just loosing cools by stealing signs and manhandling female protesters a bit…not too many years ago protesters were beaten black and b
    lue at a trophy killer love-fest like this…..a badly needed message is clearly written around every head on every trophy wall …..even some serial killers changed after seeing bright lights flicker off as life left their victims eyes…

  13. Millions of years of evolution gave the protesters canine teeth too, and it has only been a generation or two since they were able to distance themselves from where meat actually comes from and try to claim it’s evil. First world problems. Too bad they didn’t use all that passion to feed some homeless children or do something that actually means something. Meanwhile my dinner gets a happy free life in the woods before I harvest it, while thier burgers and chicken fingers come from animals raised in a pen thier entire lives…

    1. How would you like it if you were attending some “anti cruelty” event and bunch of hunters came in and shoved freshly killed and gutted bunny rabbits in your child’s face? Or draped the entrails of deer over their shoulders? Or splashed a bunch of your kids with animal blood? You wouldn’t like it too much. Hunters would NEVER do such a thing to children. That’s the difference between hunters and whackos… hunters would never traumatize children… whackos, on the other hand, don’t give a crap, as long as they can go home and pat themselves on the back, thinking they helped save some poor deer, who will probably jump out in front of a car containing a family on their way home from church, possibly, killing everyone of them. No matter what that father says to his child, in the back of his or her mind, he or she has to worry about whether or not Daddy is going be safe every time he goes hunting. Whackos make me sick!!

  14. George Soros is a pathetic old greedy bastard! Bloomberg is as well, but it’s a lot better than killing people! They are the ones behind the mass shootings in America! When Billionaires spend hundreds of millions of their own money to confiscate guns, they don’t like to lose! I guarantee you that killing some school kids doesn’t bother them at all.

  15. Everyone should have got up and kick the shit out of those asswipes! That would have made the news and these jerks would think twice before ever doing that again.

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