Video: Bowhunter’s Shot Knocks Buck’s Antlers Off


This video shows how an antlered buck can become antlerless in less than two seconds. This Minnesota bowhunter managed to retrieve both the deer he hit and its freshly-separated antlers—and he recorded the whole thing on video.

“It was the last day of the season here in Minnesota when we spotted this buck,” read the video’s description. “My friend Buzz took a 45 yard shot with his bow and as you see in the video, the horns just fell off. Never saw anything like this before.”

As soon as the arrow hit, the buck jerked up and the antlers appeared to have just popped off. Presumably the antlers were already loose and that quick jump was all it took for them to take flight.

“That was nice and quick,” the hunter said after recovering the animal.

A fine hunt, plenty of venison, and a story to tell. What else could you ask for?

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