The creator of this video would most likely agree with the phrase “they don’t make ’em like they used to.”

Until 1972, the US military included cigarettes in soldiers’ war rations. Those American cigarettes made soldiers feel like they had a little piece of home with them while abroad. However, this was before the full health effects of cigarettes were known.

YouTuber Steve1989 MREinfo got his hands on a 1951 Korean War ration which included a pack of Chesterfield unfiltered cigarettes. He was shocked by the potency of the cigarettes and the flavor that they had after 65 years.

He repeatedly mentions that he’s “glad he’s sitting down” because of the buzz the 65-year-old cigarette gave him. You can watch a video of the same YouTuber eating items from a 1955 ration here.

Image from Steve1989 MREinfo on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Smoking 65-year-old Cigarettes from a 1951 Korean War Ration

  1. These are pretty cool videos! I do remember getting some of these when my dad was in the military. I still remember the taste of the crackers and peanut butter…which I am sure is much better when they were fresh, LOL!

  2. I remember getting many a pack in my K & C rations, but only the strongest would smoke a Chesterfield even when it had just come new from a store. Pall Mall, Camel, Lucky Strikes, & Marlboro were the favorites, only occasionally wanted a Salem.

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