Jim Shockey, the star of Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures and Uncharted, recently announced that his family home near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was burglarized. Several items, including his father’s prized rifles, were stolen.

“I seldom ask anyone for help, but I am asking now,” he wrote on his Facebook. “Please help us. My father’s guns were stolen last week and I am asking for your help to have those guns, which obviously have great sentimental value, returned to our family.”

Shockey’s father, Hal, was a fan favorite on his show and an avid hunter. He passed away in 2013.

“This picture is of one of my father’s rifles that was stolen,” Shockey wrote, indicating the photo below. “It was his personal big game rifle that he bought in 1954. It was a Model 788 Remington in .270 Win caliber and had an Austrian 4X scope mounted on it.”

Hal Shockey and a picture of the family safe.
Hal Shockey and a picture of the family safe.

Shockey said that rifle and others were stored inside a white Cannon safe, which the thieves carted away in its entirety. The family suspects that the burglary required two or more people to carry out, and that they had used either a truck or trailer to make off with their stolen goods. In addition to the items inside the safe, the family’s television, stereo, trail cameras, aluminum ladders, and some personal tools were stolen.

“They ransacked our family ranch house, looking for valuables and I suspect they have spent the last week trying to break into the safe,” Shockey stated.

The hunter said he is offering a reward for the return of the items and the arrest of the thieves. He is also making an appeal to his fans in the hopes of tracking his father’s guns down.

“Somebody reading this right now, in the Saskatchewan, Alberta or Manitoba area, knows who did this, or for sure someone who is reading this right now knows someone who knows the people who did this,” he wrote.

Anyone who has any information are advised to contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Images from Facebook

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5 thoughts on “Famous Hunter Jim Shockey’s Home Burglarized, Father’s Guns Stolen

  1. OK….. Dude somebody of your status.. Have you not heard of the video/security systems?? I probably don’t have 1/10 of the assets you have and I have a pretty decent security system. The average thief doesn’t bring the hand truck to steal a safe. This was somebody who probably knew him. Bolt your next safe down or cement it in also purchase a heavier safe… 2000lbs empty. It sucks this happened to him but it also opens our eyes to better prepare our own houses against these scum bags! Hopefully they catch them and he gets his assets back.

  2. I agree. Sadly for me, I can’t bolt down my safe in the concrete because I have a “post-tension cable slab system” within the concrete that forbids any drilling. But, I did weld two heavy safes together at the bases and they aren’t going anywhere without a wrecker truck type equipment. Anything to make it just a bit harder for a thief. I’m shocked Jim didn’t have an elaborate video system that instantly alerts him on his phone when an alarm is activated. I have one and I probably have 1/1000th the financial backing that he has.

  3. Gun was never made in 270, 30-06 or any other long actions! Short actions like 22-250.223,222,243,7mm08,30-30,44,6mm,308 I think thats it , might have missed one. Great shooting rifles one of the best cheap guns ever made ! Remington quit making them because slow sales on there 700 mod. Jim hope you get your DADS gun back !!

  4. If you have the money, you build a brick safe, steel reinforced, then put a walk-in steel door on it. Shockey has the money. Shocked that Shockey would not go to greater lengths to keep his guns.

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