There are plenty of dangers in reporting on erratic weather, especially if you find yourself on the beach during Storm Gertrude in northern Britain. Strong winds and gales turned the coastline into a frothing mess, and even the most intrepid of reporters would take care not to get too close to the waves. One amateur reporter and vlogger however, found herself not only on the receiving end of a small wave, but also a big fish slap. Aimee Bannister of the blog Kinging It was recording a video on the shore of Barry Island in South Wales during the storm when she was smacked directly in the face by a wave-borne fish.

“Catch of the day?” Craig Holmes, the other half of the blog, wrote on social Facebook. “When you’re trying to vlog and get hit by a fish.”

Of course, many viewers have expressed their doubts over whether the video was genuine or not. Even fans of the vloggers have their doubts, pointing out that the video doesn’t match the pair’s usual style and that a full length video was curiously missing.

“As fake as can be. Still made me laugh,” wrote one commenter.

As far as five second videos go, this is one of the more amusing ones out there. That isn’t to say that this scenario can’t happen. Anyone who’s been around silver carp will know that its perfectly likely for a nice-sized fish to knock you out cold—especially if that fish can weigh up to a hundred pounds and congregate in the thousands.

Image screenshot of video by Craig & Aimee on YouTube

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