This is something we haven’t seen before. In a rare video, the Crush Deer Cam managed to record a fight between a small sika buck and a much, much larger whitetail. Despite the whitetail having both the size and rack advantage on its tiny opponent, the sika proves that ferocity and enthusiasm can still win the day.

Of course, with sika deer being native to East Asia, these kind of encounters don’t happen very frequently. You can see more deer-related footage captured by Lee & Tiffany’s Crush Cam at CarbonTV.

Check out the fight below.

Image screenshot of video by OutdoorHub on YouTube

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One thought on “Exclusive Video: Sika Deer Fights Massive Whitetail under Feeder

  1. It’s about leverage, like a football lineman holding off or moving a larger player, getting underneath him and using leverage.

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