There’s a reason that nobody wants to fire a Barrett M107 in an enclosed space—ever. This titanic rifle is chambered in the equally massive .50 BMG, and it can be both loud as well as concussive. Firing what is essentially a very small artillery cannon in a 10-foot by 20-foot box can produce a markedly unpleasant ringing in your ears, and that may be the least of your problems.

Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS) has a different idea. The testers over at OSS slapped a flow-through suppressor on the rifle and the results are remarkable. Sure, it may not be exactly as quiet as an airsoft gun, but it should be noted that the falling brass makes more noise than the shot itself. The suppressor also appeared to have greatly reduced recoil, allowing it to be fired off-hand.

Are you salivating yet?


Image screenshot of video by Operators Suppressor Systems on YouTube

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12 thoughts on “Video: OSS Suppressor Makes Barrett .50 Cal Quiet as an Airsoft Gun

  1. Wow..if I had not seen that I would not have half believed it. I would have to see it in person and check the ammo before i fully accept that but so far outsanding

  2. Okay, I want that brand of suppressor for my firearms if it reduces recoil that well!
    I would really like to see the velocity difference with and without the suppressor as well.

  3. That has to be the most effective suppressor on the planet!!! IF it was standard 50 Ma Deuce loaded cartridges? Wonder if they’ll ever reveal the “guts” and show those baffles to us. I’d sure like to see what makes it tick. Is there a thermal liquid involved, what metals, any wipes, etc. etc. Come on, don’t leave us hangin!

    This could make “back yard” target practice with that Barrett possible. Sweet!!!

      1. Impossible! Might not have wipes unless the “can” is able to accept that 50’s pressure wave, but it’s got to have baffles to absorb that heat, and most likely has some type of thermal liquid involved too, as no flame is coming out of the muzzle.

        My bet is, it’s a very downloaded cartridge of less than 1/2 powder chargein a standard 50 HMG. Otherwise, the can would have to be very thick barrel tensile steel, or it would be turned into shrapnel.

      2. It’s got to “flow through” something. Who is that Green Beret, does he drink beer? I think a little soft interrogation might be in order here, otherwise known as “beer-boarding” that brother! And a bunch of his bros chanting, chug, chug, chug. NOW, about that suppressor…… come on, you can tell US…. we’re your bros!!! If he plays tight-lips….. bring on the Tequila!!! Throw in a few sexy “Senoritas”, and sooner or later….he’ll spill the beans. Guaranteed! Way more efficient than water-boarding! We get the scoop…. and he’ll survive a hangover! ;>)

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