Do you ever feel as if your AR rifle is a little bit too modern? Well, if you wanted to turn it into some kind of steampunk-esque, 19th century crank gun, then this bizarre trigger actuator from Two Z Precision will do the trick. This “GatCrank” fires three shots with every full turn, and as you can see in the video below, you can turn it fairly fast. It’s not the first time a device like this has been created, but for the comparatively affordable price of $30, it is one of the cheaper options out there. According to the designer, a version for AK rifles may also be coming soon.

Yeah, this is also probably illegal in California, where this kind of mechanism is called a “multi-burst trigger activator.” In any event, the manufacturer does not ship to California, Connecticut, Iowa, and Minnesota.


Image screenshot of video by Two Z Precision on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: The Ridiculous AR-15 “GatCrank”

  1. The manufacturer has the right idea; now if only none of our tax money was sent to California , Connecticut , ,Iowa or Minnesota or any other state ,county , city or town ( or president ) that chooses not to believe in any part of the Constitution …… some chaos , improved country .

  2. Got to be hard to use it in any way besides on a bipod, but at least it actually works. Just for fun once, I tried an “Auto Burst” trigger attachment. Total junk. The set screw is impossible to keep tight and even when it is, the thing doesn’t work very well.

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