Take a jog back down memory lane and try to recall what your most embarrassing moment at the gun range was. Plenty of us can remember some very silly things, like trying to correct a “malfunction” when you simply ran out of ammo, or forgetting where the safety was. As the saying goes, as long as you point the muzzle down range and nobody gets hurt, it’s something you can live with.

That doesn’t make this any less embarrassing though. After trying for what seems like an eternity to get a round off, this private finally learned why his rifle won’t fire: his magazine was inserted upside down. Oops.

In his defense, unfamiliarity with firearms, fatigue, and stress can result in some pretty dumb mistakes. We’re sure this firearm fail is something that drill sergeants see plenty of, although we’re not sure why he brought a camera to the range.

Perhaps this shooter should invest in some PMAGS so it doesn’t happen again.


Image screenshot of video by acurasir on YouTube

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