Um, yeah. If you wanted to know what a punch from Muhammad Ali felt like, or experience the lingering health effects of having a concave chest, then this is probably the fastest way to do it. Everybody’s favorite pipe gun inventor, YouTube’s Royal Nonesuch, recently uploaded a video where he test fires a chest-mounted quad-barrel shotgun.

It can not be understated how dangerous this is. He is essentially slam-firing 12 gauge shells right off his chest, and even with some AR500 armor underneath, that’s not even close to being either sane or safe.

Definitely do not try this at home.


Image screenshot of video by Royal Nonesuch on YouTube

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8 thoughts on “Video: Test Fire of Chest-mounted Quad-barrel Shotgun

  1. WOW !!!!!! that was amazing, this guy is going to be a millionaire when the military puts in the orders. that thing is the best weapon since the invention of gunpowder!!! i cant believe how fast it is either. just AMAZING !!!

    1. They can’t fix your spelling mistakes, either. Go back home to your glass house, like you’ve never been a young man in his prime doing dumb things. Your momma could tell us ten stories off the top of her head about the dumb things you did when you were young.

  2. Don’t people know that chest compressions if hard enough can stop your heart? I lost a cousin because he tried to shoot one of those canon fireworks off his chest. He died because his heart stop and even the nurse that was there and witnessed the event could not restart it. Please people use a little common sense. Doing stuff like this is very dangerous.

  3. What’s with all the hand-wringing going on here?! He’s a bright young man and is very passionate about what he does. 100 years ago a man his age would’ve been doing a lot more dangerous things.

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