We’d recommend skipping this video if you have arachnophobia, or you might just never buy salad mix again. Australian YouTuber James Perry can count himself lucky he spotted this hitchhiker before opening a package of Italian style salad. As you can see in the video, a large huntsman spider is resting directly above a packet of croutons and staring ominously through the packaging. It is not known if the spider was still alive, but biting into a dead arachnid is still pretty disturbing.

The salad was apparently purchased at the Australian retail chain Woolworths, and the retailer was quick to respond when Zoe Perry linked the video to their Facebook page.

“We’re very concerned about this Zoe, and take incidents like this very seriously. Please let us know your phone number and state in a Private Message at http://www.facebook.com/messages/woolworths so that we can follow this up with you ASAP,” the retailer wrote.

At least it probably means the salad is fresh.

Huntsman spiders are not usually regarded as being dangerous to humans, although they still use venom to dispatch prey. The spiders can be found in many places across the world and are well-known due to their large size. They also do not build nests, preferring to hunt their prey by jumping on them, which gives them their name. Huntsman spiders will bite if provoked, and attempting to eat them as part of a nutritious meal is certainly enough provocation.





Image screenshot of video by james Perry on YouTube

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