A Michigan man with a concealed pistol license says he was fired from his job as a valet supervisor after he pulled out a gun to defend a woman who was being stabbed outside the entrance of a technical center in Warren. Didarul Sarder, an employee of SP+ Valet, told local reporters that he was let go from the valet service for a violation of his contract, which prohibited employees from carrying firearms. Despite that, Sarder says he would have done it again in a heartbeat.

“The lady kept saying ‘I’m dying, someone help’ and it was just natural reaction,” Sarder told Fox News Detroit. “I just see this lady getting stabbed. I only had like half a second to think and I un-holstered my firearm and pointed [the attacker] to drop the knife.”

The attack happened just outside the General Motors Technical Center on Wednesday. Police say the 52-year-old victim is an employee working at the building. A 32-year-old woman had come to see her, and the two became embroiled in an argument in the lobby. When the victim left, the younger woman followed her outside and pulled out a knife, stabbing her in the back, neck, and abdomen. Sarder, who was nearby, unholstered his handgun and stopped the attack. He also detained the younger woman until police arrived to take her into custody. The victim was later transported to the hospital in critical condition.

“I would like to commend Didarul Sarder who probably saved a 52 year old woman from being murdered by quick action,” praised Warren mayor Jim Fouts on his Facebook page. “Outside the GM Tech Center this morning he observed a 52 year old female repeatedly being stabbed with a kitchen knife in her back, neck, and abdomen. His quick action using a licensed hand gun on the attacker undoubtedly saved this woman’s life. Had he not legally exercised his second amendment rights this woman would probably not be with us today.”

However, Sarder said he did not expect what happened later. Instead of being hailed as a hero, he was told to leave the area immediately. According to Fouts, he was terminated from SP+ Valet, where he worked for 10 years.

“That was absolutely the wrong response to this hero,” Fouts stated.

The mayor is not the only person outraged by the supposed firing, and many others took to social media to make their voices heard.

“I had an employee who work for me with a valid CPL and never once told him to leave his firearm at home. Even though it was aginst corporate policy. I would much rather be alive and unemployed [than] dead or disabled,” wrote one commenter on Facebook.

Many have called for GM, who contracts the valet service, to intervene. It is not known what kind of effect the public outrage has had, but Fouts said that as of late Wednesday night, Sarder has his job back.

“Right after it happened someone in authority asked him off the premises because he violated company rules with a gun… however that decision was over-ruled by higher ups and he now has his job back,” Fouts wrote online. “I hope to honor and reward this good citizen for being a hero in time of need. Hero’s should be rewarded not terminated. Didarul is a resident of Warren and a resident that we can all be proud of!”

The victim of the stabbing attack is currently still hospitalized and her condition is unknown. She was identified on Thursday as Stephanie Kerr. Her family told WDIV that they are grateful for Sarder’s intervention, which may have very well saved her life.

“I’m very thankful for him saving my mother,” Matthen Kerr said. “I don’t know exactly what I’d do without my mom and it’s just me and her here at the moment. I’m just really thankful that he stepped in and saved her.”

You can watch an interview with Sarder below:



Image screenshot of video on Fox2Detroit.com

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2 thoughts on “CPL Owner Reportedly Fired after Saving Stabbing Victim from Attacker, Rehired after Outrage

  1. Mr. Sarder took the right and proper action ; he saved a life . His superior did the right thing ; he followed company rules . The company reinstated Mr. Sarder that was the right decision . The company rules disregarded the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States ……THAT was wrong .

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