It’s like a spider with claws. There is just something inherently creepy about that. Of course, the whip spider, or amblypygi, is not actually a spider at all. It is actually a an arachnid related to spiders and scorpions. Unlike those however, the whip spider has no silk glands, stingers, or venemous fangs. In fact, they are almost entirely harmless to humans. The most they can do is pinch you with their pedipalps, which have a tendency to be large and rather intimidating for their size.

Just because they’re harmless doesn’t mean they can’t still give you the creeps. Whip spiders are rarely seen but can be found in the United States. They are even sometimes kept as pets, as seen in this video. The part where the owner attempts to pick up the amblypygi is easily the most shiver-inducing part of the footage.



Image screenshot of video by Live Leak on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: The Whip Spider is Like a Nightmarish Crab

  1. They many not be venemous but those fangs are nasty. Just look at them on the video, and note that one point the whip spider sinks one into the girl’s pinky finger.

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