Presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush achieved a viral hit on Twitter recently when he posted a picture of one of his firearms along with the caption “America.” The photo, which was uploaded on Tuesday, showed a FN FNX .45 semiautomatic pistol with the words “Gov. Jeb Bush” engraved on top of the slide. The post is likely an attempt by the presidential candidate to show his pro-gun colors, and many gun rights supporters received the tweet with support. However, Bush also received some gentle mocking on social media for his cryptic post, including comments on his Twitter with pictures of toy guns, swords, or other miscellaneous items.

“As governor, I earned an A+ rating from the NRA by signing 6 pro-gun and hunting bills in one year—a record for Florida. That doesn’t even compare with the other candidates,” Bush also posted on his Facebook. “As president, I’ll continue to protect and defend the Second Amendment.”

Like some of the other Republican presidential candidates, Bush has made his support of the Second Amendment widely known. On his campaign website, Bush vowed to repeal president Barrack Obama’s executive actions, oppose any legislative actions that would further gun control, and nominate conservative judges with a “deep respect for the constitution and the Second Amendment” if elected.

“The Second Amendment is not at odds with protecting our country from criminals, terrorists and others who wish us harm. The Second Amendment is the original homeland security act. My administration will tirelessly fight to defend this basic Constitutional right,” Bush stated.

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