Fans of Hollywood’s arguably favorite large frame, semiautomatic pistol are sure to be pleased after Magnum Research unveiled a new pattern of its iconic Desert Eagle. The new Mark XIX “Apocalyptic” Desert Eagle comes in a distressed matte white finish, durable G10 grip, and is chambered in either .50 AE or .44 Magnum.

“Should you ever find yourself surrounded by Zombies or other unworldly forces, the new Magnum Research Mark XIX Apocalyptic Desert Eagle may very well be your best defense. The new Cerakote distressed matte white finish would intimidate even the most wild of beasts and evil immortals,” Magnum Research touted in a press release.

The Mark XIX pistols were recently featured in the 2016 film Deadpool.


Like most other variants of the Desert Eagle, the Mark XIX Apocalyptic is a beast of a handgun. Both the .50 AE and .44 Magnum models come in a 10.75-inch long frame with a 6-inch barrel and a 1.25-inch wide slide. The .50 AE version is capable of holding seven rounds, while the .44 Magnum carries eight, and both pistols weigh roughly four pounds unloaded—slightly above some previous variants. The Apocalyptic Desert Eagle also comes with a rail for mounting accessories.


“For shooting enthusiasts who do not really worry about the apocalypse, this new Mark XIX Desert Eagle distressed white finish just earns kudos for its ‘cool factor,'” Magnum Research wrote. “The new Cerakote finish consists of a multi-step process which involves a high temperature ceramic coating that holds up well under normal use. It has been extensively tested for durability and has proven to be very tough.”


The Apocalyptic pattern pistols will retail for $1,895 for the .44 Magnum version and $1,922 for the .50 AE version.

Last year the company also unveiled two new lighter versions of the standard Desert Eagle variant called the L5 and L6, which can weigh up to two pounds less. Chambered in .357 and .50 AE, the lighter pistols went on sale in early 2016.

Images courtesy Magnum Research

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