Is this just a really funny looking musket, or is it a political statement? We’ve seen pictures of this so-called “tactical” or “assault” black powder pistol for years, but we haven’t been able to track down the gunsmith or where to buy one of these creations. According to rumors, the pistol was created in response to sensationalism surrounding certain firearm features, such as muzzle brakes, adjustable stocks, and as always, the “scary black rifle.” There is also the phrase “modern musket,” which of course refers to modern firearms being representative of the firearms that the founding fathers owned. So some gunsmith decided to give this percussion cap—or what appears to be one—a modern upgrade.

No matter your opinion on how the gun looks, it certainly took a bit of skill. We managed to dip up a video that for the first time actually shows it being fired. Unfortunately, the video cut off before we could see it being reloaded, but it’s still neat nonetheless.

Image from Facebook

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