When it comes to politics, there’s no such thing as overkill. Members of the Michigan House of Representatives introduced four separate bills that would legalize permitless carry in The Wolverine State. Representatives Lee Chatfield (R-Levering), Triston Cole (R-Mancelona), Tom Barrett (R-Potterville), and Jim Runestad, (R-White Lake), introduced the bills earlier this month, which if passed, would make Michigan the 8th state to have what is now commonly called “constitutional carry.” The lawmakers argue that law-abiding citizens that want to protect themselves should not have to apply for a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) before being able to carry a concealed weapon. Open carry in Michigan already requires no permit.

“We are required to take a driver’s test occasionally to get or maintain our driver’s licenses, but tens of thousands of people are killed in traffic accidents every year, regardless of having passed a state-sanctioned training course and paying to obtain a license,” Rep. Runestad said in a joint press release. “Bureaucracy and fees do not make people better drivers. Requiring a special permit to carry a concealed weapon just forces inefficient spending and inconveniences responsible gun owners.”

Strong support for gun rights in Michigan had already lead to the loosening of the permit system. Early last year governor Rick Snyder signed a law that did away with the state’s county gun boards and required the state police to create an online renewal process.

“This is common-sense legislation to give lawful gun owners another option for self-defense,” Rep. Chatfield said. “People who desire a permit to carry a concealed weapon, perhaps because it is necessary to carry a concealed pistol in another state, could still take the necessary training and obtain a permit. A license to carry just would not be required in Michigan.”

“Criminals don’t have to go through a training class and wait for government permission to have a handgun before they commit armed robbery, yet a law-abiding citizen who simply wants the option of self-defense has to jump through all the hoops and pay a price to carry a concealed weapon,” Rep. Cole said. “People who want to ensure the safety of their families against the criminal element should not have to beg for that right.”

Cole and his colleagues say they viewed the permitting process as an example of government overreach, and that it is long past time that Michigan joined other states in introducing permitless carry. If passed, Michigan would also be the most populated state to enact constitutional carry. The bills are expected to meet a fight however, and many gun control groups are staunchly opposed to permitless carry policies. In addition, governor Rick Snyder has historically had a mixed record on gun reform laws. The governor has not said whether he supports the legislation.

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19 thoughts on “Michigan Lawmakers Introduce Four Constitutional Carry Bills

  1. My opinion is safety. All my friends think this is a crazy idea. Training is necessary before carrying a weapon. As far as Gov, Snyder, he is still hiding under the bed since the Flint, Michigan lead poisoning issue became public..

    1. Funny thing ,but didn’t the mayor initiate the switch in water supply? Didn’t the state and federal E.P.A both state the water was safe ? The governor went on the the advice of the experts at those agencies and the people closest to the question ,did he not? Should they skate while he takes a bit ?

      1. Facts coming out seem to indicate gov/others were aware of serious issues well before public, and none said a word. Involved water and Legionnaires disease. The agencies other then feds were his and all knew of issue.. Let’s not play politics when citizens sickened and then predictable cover up starts and none seem to know here the buck stops.

  2. Great old nostalgia picture…but there will never be another depression like the 1920s. In the 1920s, when America was conservative, there were no welfare programs or worker’s compensation programs to assist the unemployed. Everyone was on their own to survive the best way they and their families could, sadly many didn’t survive…

    My family members were all farmers, 95% subsistence farmers and 5% marketers of their agriculture products. They relied on their own land and labor to feed their family and sold what little surplus they had. They also farmed cotton and tobacco as ‘cash’ crops to buy things, tools and equipment they could not produce themselves and to barter with other farmers and merchants in the county. Fish and wild game were a staple, as were farm raised hogs, cattle, goats and sheep… Farm animals were run in the woods in those days before the State passed fence laws. My Grandpa told the story about someone asking him about “the depression” and Grandpa replied…”what depression, nothing has changed for us.” That’s they way it was in the 1920s… Having agriculture products, farm knowledge and skill far out shined the “city folk” who depended on a job and other people abilities instead of their own diversified survival skills. Today I am retired but love with my wife on our farm where we can survive a depression if we have to. Saving gold and silver won’t get you through a depression either…who will trade you food for gold and silver that you can’t eat. Bartering skills will be more productive and my save you and your family’s lives…

  3. Wonder if the “gun for everyone” crowd in MI have thought about fact that with no permit and no safety, qualification or law courses many states might not get to thrilled about this wonderful idea from the nra lobby? Sorry but to allow anyone to pack with NO tests, no education and no restrictions is simply stupid. Amazed at how folks feel if they have a handgun they can be some sort of “good guy with a gun” and not be extremely dangerous to all around them. Take a bit of knowledge, experience to master a handgun safely, at home or in public, but in rush to sell guns, the lobbyist behind it could care less. I think Vermont has issues with no permit when citizens cross into other states, so MI, regardless of how much lobby money you get, think about it. there is flip side and it is called responsible gun ownership

      1. VT as when “no permit needed” gunnies, qualified or not as no proof of such, enter neighboring states where real permit (and qualification needed) they are then illegal and in violation of states laws. Wake up,, do you really want anyone, untested and uneducated in laws of use, dancing about with guns they might not even know how or safely use. Most states require hunter safety course to hunt, but not to go among us with zero education of safety or laws armed? I have never met a fellow handgun insturctor the says laws like this are ever a good idea.

      2. If you read the above correctly it clearly states that residents who still wish too travel too reciprocating CPL states would still have too maintain the cpl license….the constitutional carry only applies too in state carry.

      1. Criminals arnt supposed to have firearms at all. last I looked.I would like to carry my firearm so I can protect my family and myself from a criminal though.

      2. Yes untrained criminals make bad shots. Besides, criminals cannot legally obtain a firearm in the first place. You know, because there are laws against that and laws work right?

    1. Basic human rights require no training on their use. (remember the 4th grade? “We hold these things to be self evident…”?)

      I don’t need anybody to teach me how to enjoy my freedom of religion. I don’t need a permit to enjoy my freedom of the press. I don’t need to study a pamphlet to know I have a voice in my government. And I don’t need permission to exercise my right to bear arms.

      Common sense prevails. If I have a knife in my pocket. Or a hammer in my hand. Sure….I may fantasize about burying it into that vacuous cavern between your ears. But I don’t. Why? Because I am a responsible, law abiding, well adjusted human being. I don’t want to go to hell. Or to jail. Or just plain feel empathy toward the creature I just hurt. You see, normal human beings are able to hold a knife. Or a hammer. Or a firearm. All without harming a soul.

      Abnormal human beings don’t believe this.

    2. You can’t buy a firearm without passing a background check legally….the same back ground check as a ccw applicant must pass. And in Michigan you can open carry legally with only a purchase receipt as a carry permit no training or nothing. But if you accidentally cover the gun it’s then concealed and a huge crime. You also have to pull it clear it (unload) and store it in a vehicle when your heading to and from some place the grab load and holster before leaving the vehicle which causes ALOT of unnecessary handling which is how accidents happen. The law makes a ton of sense and would only cover Michigan.

  4. Anyone who has served in the military should be exempt from any additional firearms training (now and in the future) as they have had far more than is required by law. A simple pamphlet not unlike what they give to people getting their drivers license, that spells out specifics of the law is all that should be required. It would then be the responsibility of the citizens to know the laws.

  5. The 2nd amendment is the 2nd amendment, We’ve fought for this country for Generations without any certificates of any kind. Or paper work that states you are capable. Safely using a weapon to protect you and your family is a person’s right not and we have secured our America before without paperwork of statement upon carrying a weapon for our safety as well as your familys. That is why we have Amendment rights and they are being infringed by law makers making new laws to suit their own kurupt agendas, and there are peace officers out there that are infringing upon your Amendment rights and constitutional rights. With their knowingly tricks two take advantage of their position in policing. Therefore we all have that privilege to protect what is dear to us as well as our country we defended this country in the Second Amendment way without paperwork do not let them try to Blindside you it’s done everyday everyday. With entrapment and legal wording two over Control a person’s rights Ponder on that and maybe look in the history book. President George Washington. Thanks and have a nice day.

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