It sure beats using a traditional curling stone. These ice skaters in Sweden did only what was natural when they spotted four wild pigs struggling to cross a frozen lake in Sodermandland, Sweden. They decided to give the swine a little push back to shore.

Of course, we’ve heard of rescuing deer or moose from iced-over lakes, but wild pigs? Aren’t they an invasive species? Well, in Sweden these types of swine are actually native. The area near Stockholm historically has a dense population of wild pigs, and hunting for these animals is popular. However, that does not mean they are entirely welcome. Parts of Sweden have designated wild pigs as an undesirable alien for the same reason they are considered an invasive species in North America. Wild pigs, in large numbers, can prove to be detrimental to both the environment and other native species.

Hopefully these skaters didn’t just help the pigs colonize another stretch of land. Of course, it’s also never recommended to come close to wild pigs since they also happen to be very aggressive and can injure you quite easily.

Vildsvinscurling / Wild boar curling from Djake on Vimeo.

Image screenshot of video by videoswatch2013 on Djake

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