Odds are if you have a dog or cat at home, you are used to them making a fuss over squirrels in the yard. However, one Texas home owner got quite the surprise when he saw three wild bobcats chasing a squirrel on his roof.

During the eight-minute long video you can see a squirrel desperately trying to escape three bobcats. We are going to assume that the cats were able to climb onto the roof from the tree pictured in the back yard or the fence visible in the front. However the bobcats got up there, we are surprised that they stayed for such a long period of time. Obviously these little predators have very little fear of humans.



Image screenshot of video by Jack R on YouTube

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14 thoughts on “Video: Home Owner Finds Three Bobcats Chasing a Squirrel on His Roof

  1. That was fascinating , but it looked an awful lot like kittens playing . I could not see the final outcome but I assume it was a training session for two immature offspring by mamma . I have seen farm cats do that ,catch a mouse for kittens ,kill it after the kittens chase it so they learn how .

      1. Without cats the Black Death would have been much worse ; it is too bad your ancestors were included as survivors .

      2. Typical cat nutter, wishing I was dead because I can see that your vermin cats don’t belong outside. Hopefully a coyote teaches its young to hunt with your cat.

      3. It is not an ‘opinion’ that you wish I was dead because of your nasty cat, it is just a fact that you are a deranged cat nutter.

      4. Read s l o w l y , maybe get help if I confuse you . I never said I wish you were dead , only that you and your attitude are detrimental to mankind . The idea of evil cats ( and evil women called witches ) existing belongs in the dark ages and should not exist today . I am sorry that you thought I wished you dead , when I wish that you ,and therefore that dark ages attitude , never existed .

      5. “it is too bad your ancestors were included as survivors .”

        Oh my bad, you wished my ‘ancestors’ died, therefore causing me to not exist, that is SO much better, however my ancestors were in Africa at this time, sorry to tell you. The cat is not evil, it should still be killed however. We did not eradicate gypsy moths in the U.S. because they were evil.

      6. I wondered about that myself . I think my reaction to to the mindless statement to kill all cats was triggered by the memory of a young man now in jail for attempted murder . He started out torturing and killing small animals ,especially cats .He graduated to a car full of people . Thankfully unsuccessful . With ” ebolaoutkast ” as a handle this guy sounds likely to be on the same path .

      7. I’m not a guy. Your teeny brain can’t comprehend that while some murderers begin by killing animals, not all people who kill animals are murderers (unless you are a member of PETA, which given your beliefs, I assume not). I eat meat, I bet you do too, yet you don’t consider yourself prepping for human slaughter. You also however watch small animals get tortured by someone’s terrible pets and discuss it like there’s nothing wrong with it. Tis YOU that seems to have more in common with a sociopath.

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