If you are tired of wasting range time loading your .22 LR magazines then this speed loader is for you.

The Mcfadden Lightnin’ Grip Speed Loader allows you to load almost any .22 LR magazine in a matter of seconds. The Mcfadden loader is also relatively affordable with a $22.50 price tag. The best part is that the company sells $6.00 adapters to fit all of the most common .22 LR magazines on the market.

If you are tired of loading .22 LR mags the old fashioned way you might want to check this interesting speed loader out for yourself.

Image screenshot of video by EnglishShooting on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: This Ingenious Speed Loader Will Fill Almost Any .22 Mag in Seconds

  1. I didn’t see any way to clean the loading device if you get greasy ammunition . Considering that you are dealing with outside lubricated ammunition , how do you keep it clean ?

  2. Title to article says “.22 Mag”, but it says .22 LR in article. Is it just for .22 LR and where is the proofreading here?

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