Shooting ranges are loud, very loud. That is why ear protection is mandatory. It is also why it may not be the best place to film a report on presidential candidates and their positions on the Second Amendment. MSNBC correspondent Kerry Sanders found that out the hard way when he attempted to speak through gunshots while on live television. Apparently, the report was supposed to be filmed before the range was filled, but nobody appeared to have told the shooters that, and as a result the reporter found himself drowned out by staccato sound of gunshots.

To his credit, he did attempt to soldier through all of the report before the focus went back to the MSNBC anchors.


Image screenshot of video by Tea Party 2 on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Oblivious Reporter Tries to Film at a Shooting Range

  1. They got played by the reporter and his gun-range Bud’s, and nobody caught the joke… if you can’t kill the message, muffle the messenger…

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