To these snowmobilers, it may just be a nice day to get some fresh air. To this young and brash bull elk however, it is a territorial dispute. A motorist captured this video while following behind two snowmobilers on a road. Now with moose, conventional wisdom says to give them all the space they need. Elk are a little bit more forgiving, but crowding one can still lead to a confrontation, and that’s what happened to these two snowmobilers. Fortunately, everybody involved handled the situation carefully and nobody got hurt. Instead, they got to experience a somewhat tense encounter with a beautiful animal.

Remember, the same trails you enjoy are also attractive to animals that don’t want to be knee deep in snow. Share the road responsibly.

An Encounter with Elk in YellowstoneDon’t know if I would feel comfortable being that close to a large wild animal like this. But still, that’s one beautiful Yellowstone elk.

Posted by Xtreme Idaho on Monday, February 22, 2016

Image screenshot of video on Facebook

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