This grouse may be friendly, but that’s only because it needs a ride. Grouse already have a reputation for being oddly approachable when it’s not hunting season, but this bird takes it to a new level after it nonchalantly hops on board this four-wheeler and enjoys the ride. According to the driver, this specific grouse has been hanging around the house recently. He even got to naming the bird “George.”

Have you ever been on the receiving end of some grouse affection? There are a number of theories on why these wild birds like to approach humans. The prevailing belief is that the behavior is actually caused by an instinctive need to protect their territory. While in other animals this usually means aggression, grouse instead might be trying to stare us down. Unfortunately for them, they’re really not all that intimidating.

Still, you may not want to pet these critters. This man finds out the hard way that just because they look friendly, doesn’t mean you can touch them.

Had another visit with George today. He came to get a ride on the 4wheeler. We hung out for a while until I tried to pet him, doesn’t like to be touched! Bad bird! 🙂

Posted by Scott Martin on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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