To be honest, it puts most tree stands to shame. This massive tower in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness didn’t just spring up overnight. It was actually built over a span of 10 years near Willow, Alaska by an adventurous outdoorsman what wanted to live in sight of Mt. Denali (known previously as Mt. McKinley). As the story goes, the homeowner built the house to get a perfect view of the mountain and its surrounding environs, but he did so after a forest fire. As the trees started growing back up, he found that they impeded his view and so he started stacking additional levels on top of the house, forming the tower that gives it its characteristic look. The locals now know it as the “Dr. Seuss” house.

The homeowner eventually died and the house was, for all intents and purposes, abandoned. The property has been bought by a new owner but they have yet to move into this wilderness outpost. The structure also appears to be solidly built. Despite minimal maintenance, the house and its tower is still standing to this day, and is a popular attraction for those visiting the area by bush plane, or simply driving past Willow.

What do you think? Would you like to spend a week—or longer—here? With the proper renovations, it seems like the perfect escape for any outdoorsman or woman.

Dr. Seuss House from Alaska Aerial Media on Vimeo.

Image from Twitter

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