Imagine that the next time you purchase a firearm, your dealer will have to turn on a video camera to record the transaction in detail. That is exactly what one lawmaker in California wants for the state, and he is not stopping there. Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) introduced a new bill last week that would require all guns transactions to be video recorded, ban residential gun sales, require gun dealers to hold insurance, and give the Attorney General new powers for enforcement.

“As a local elected official, I authored successful measures to crack down on illegal gun and ammunition sales,” McCarty said in a press release.  “As a State Assemblymember, I am proud to author AB 2459, which I believe will have a strong impact statewide in the effort to keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

The bill specifically requires gun dealers to have a clear recording of the customer’s face during the transaction, or to have a surveillance system of a high enough resolution to take that footage. It also bans the operation of residential gun dealers, or dealers who hold an FFL and sell firearms out of their house, as well as requiring dealers to have liability insurance. The move was applauded by gun control groups, who have long pushed for firearm transactions to be recorded.

“Firearms dealers are subject to very little federal oversight and are a major source of trafficked guns,” stated Juliet Leftwich, Legal Director of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “This bill will help ensure that firearms dealers in California operate responsibly by requiring them to videotape all gun sales, obtain liability insurance and conduct business from a commercial storefront.  We have worked with cities and counties throughout the state on similar laws for decades and applaud Assemblymember McCarty for his leadership in bringing this important measure to the Legislature.”

Gun owners and store owners however, have largely criticized the bill for what they viewed as a violation of privacy.

“Forcing a patron to feel like they are being recorded or what they’re doing is under a microscope, who’s already a law-abiding citizen, I don’t think it’s the right way to go,” Chris Lapinski, the owner of Last Stand Readiness and Tactical, told ABC 10.

You can see an interview with gun shop owners below:

Others said that strict rules are already in place for California gun dealers, and that the requirement of a video recording is too much. The bill will be eligible for hearings this spring.

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5 thoughts on “Videotaping Gun Sales? California Lawmaker Introduces Strict New Bill

  1. This must have been Leland Yee’s last bill before he was convicted for arms trafficking.

    How about a bill that would require all California politicians to video record their backdoor deals with lobbyists and special interest groups.

    1. I thought the same thing when I saw the headline. My heart goes out to the 2nd Amendment folks living in Commiefornia. You can’t make up the nonsense that pops into the heads of these Marxists and Communists. For all you 2nd Amendment folks, if you can get out of the Land of Fruit and Nuts; head to one of the Free Southern States in The Union!

  2. First, anyone who values their Second Amendment rights should move out of California. Second, most gun sales in a store are already recorded on security cameras anyway.

    This is like the whole Liberal fascination with the so-called “Gun show loophole” and requiring background checks, when virtually all sales at gun shows by vendors already go through a background check.

    1. This entire bogus argument that the left pushes regarding our gun rights; has to do with the communists long held desire to make sure we Americans lose our 2nd Amendment Rights. So, these cretins who will never go away, will not only continue to lie: They will float one crazy idea after the other. These card carrying Communists know that if they kill the 2nd Amendment: Americans will become their slaves in the gulag of their choice!

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