How do you spot someone who is carrying a weapon?

The US Secret Service has to deal with threats to public officials lives everyday. In order to better identify these potential threats they developed this training manual. While many of the “characteristics” in this list could apply to anyone this is still a good reference for identifying a threat. If you conceal carry you might want to look these over to make sure you are not identifiable by any of these behaviors. Even if you do not conceal carry it’s still good to be aware of these potential danger signs. Something on this list might even help you avoid a deadly confrontation.


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3 thoughts on “The US Secret Service Training Guide for Spotting Concealed Weapons

  1. Darn, that wearing one glove thing has been giving me away all this time, lol. Seriously, there is some good information in this for those of us who concealed carry. Well worth the read.

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