What is safer, training your children in firearm use and safety, or leaving them in complete ignorance? Some gun control supporters have long advocated for a complete denial of firearms to children, which also denies them of valuable—and basic—knowledge of firearm safety. This experiment by police officers in Iowa highlights just how important that training can be. Officers placed a realistic looking prop gun inside an empty room and let eight children play inside. What happened later was shocking.

Can you guess which two kids behaved responsibly in this scenario? If you said the children of gun owners who have been properly trained in firearm safety, then you’d be right. According to Fox 17, officers set up the experiment to showcase how important gun safety training, even to young children, can be. However, even they were surprised after the group of children started passing the pistol around, pointing it at each other, and even pulling the trigger.

Keep in mind that most of the children had never seen a gun up close before, and had no idea whether it was real.

Many gun control supporters say they will never let their children be in the presence of a firearm, but that does not mean they should not be taught how to safely handle one. Be safe, educate your children.

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6 thoughts on “Video: This Police Experiment has Gun Control Supporters Upset

  1. I didn’t own any guns but I bought a training gun that looked real and left on my dining room and coffee tables I told my kids to stay away from away the it will hurt you just like I did with my power tools.

    My kids never touched either but can now use both guns and power tools.

  2. Sure, you can leave all kinds of dangerous things around. Just train your kids. Skillsaws. Axes. Sharp knives. Hammers. Nails. Guns. What have you. That’s the smart thing eh? Geez. Put safety on them. Store them in a safe place. Lock them down. Train kids when they are old enough and keep them away from them and safe and alive in the meantime. Children have no business with dangerous tools.

    1. Why let them go outdoors before they are adults , they might get skin cancer from too much sunlight .Why teach them to talk , they might hear something not politically correct . GET REAL ,you are a fool not to teach your child to see what is dangerous and what to do to minimize the risk to life and limb . If you fear giving your child knowledge you should not be passing your ignorance along to future generations .

    2. Paul Stewart ll. If you teach kids at early age you shouldn’t have any problems. All my kid know how to handler any type of small weapons. Why ???, because I took the time to teach them at an early age. You teach them everything, from gun operations, to morals and valor. But if you raise them in a cristal house, they will be preys for the criminals awaiting outside of your house. But everyone have a way of raising kids.

  3. Although this article says nothing about the “safe gun” technology, it deals directly with the “purpose” of why they are pushing the design of having a “smart gun” in the first place.

    The entire argument behind having a “safer firearm” or a “safe gun”, is to imply that the firearm will only be used by the owner of the firearm, in a manner that is intended; i.e. at a criminal in self defense, or at a target for practice.

    What everyone (that wants this technology) fails to realize, is that you can’t make the firearm “safer”; it’s purpose is to fire a bullet when the action of squeezing the trigger has occurred. By implementing this “smart gun technology”, you can only possibly delay the event from happening. If the intention is to allow the firearm to be left out, then you are purposely creating a situation in which there’s a possibility there will be intentional use by an unauthorized person. The weapon itself is not “safe” any more than it’s “unsafe”. The ability for it to be “safe” lies in the action of the person. You can’t expect an item to become “safe” by adding a feature to defer human interaction, because, by that definition, the only time it’s “unsafe” is when human interaction has happened!

    Leaving a firearm out, unattended, is fine. Doing so with anyone other than the owner of the firearm (not just specifically children), is NOT fine. The responsibility is on the person that left it unattended, unless it was intentional (i.e. left out for self defense with trained family members).

    Encouraging children to do what is right, and to follow parents’ rules will mitigate negligent handling and negligent discharges. This could save a person’s life! Do the right thing and TEACH children the “do’s and dont’s” of firearms!

  4. I have trained hundreds of children in the safe handling of firearms for many it was their first experience. I have found that letting them handle guns safely removes all curiosity while reinforcing that they should never touch a found gun and to run to the nearest adult to tell them about it. It is the curiosity of the ignorant that is killing children keeping them that way only hurts them and helps no one. Do the right thing train your kids if you can’t then find someone who can. The life you save just might be your kids.

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