There is a seemingly endless number of shotgun slugs on the market for a variety of applications.

Thankfully YouTuber TAOFLEDERMAUS has been testing dozens of exotic shotgun slugs on his YouTube channel so we can see exactly how each one performs. In this video “Thug Slugs” are being put to the test. These slugs feature a 1-ounce lead projectile and a plastic base to stabilize the entire projectile. These slugs are sold exclusively to hand loaders so don’t get too excited about buying these as a complete round.

The “Thug Slug” is completely hollow and the plastic wadding stays attached to the lead slug in flight and helps to keep the slug flying straight through the air. Overall these slugs are pretty impressive. They exhibit exceptional accuracy, and due to the hollow design they dump all of their energy very quickly.

Would you try these out in your hunting shotgun?

Image from TAOFLEDERMAUS on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Do 12ga. “THUG SLUGS” Live Up To their Name?

  1. I reload these slugs and they are GREAT for your home defense shutgun. They will END a threat without over penetration. Also used one on a wild boar and it dropped like a rock.

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