What would you do in this scenario?

For some background on this video, it was reportedly taken in Kazakhstan, where wolf hunting is still very popular—and arguably less controversial than it is in North America. Traditionally, hunters employ specially-trained golden eagles to hunt wolves, but the art of training those majestic birds is dying out. Many modern Kazakh hunters now use snowmobiles to pursue wolves, which is still a grueling—and as you can see below—dangerous method of wolf hunting.

In this video, two hunters chasing a wolf were able to bring it down, but not kill it. As the hunters attempted to reload their shotgun, the wolf attacks the snowmobile, causing the driver to speed off. The hunter with the shotgun gets off, presumably to get a better shot at the wolf, but then falls backwards as the predator charges at him. The driver swings around and at the very last second, manages to run over the wolf before it could reach his friend.

Understandably, this video is very controversial and many hunters pointed out the many mistakes that these two men made, such as not putting down the wolf as quickly as possible, or getting so close to the predator in the first place. However, others defended the men, saying that they seemed to be trying everything in their power to ethically harvest the wolf.

What do you think? Is this a case, where as others have said, that puts a black eye on hunting? Or is it simply another dangerous lesson on hunting large predators?

Image screenshot of video by Julien News Video on YouTube

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93 thoughts on “Video: Snowmobiler Runs over Wolf Charging at Hunter

    1. Well, David, recalling the outrage of the hunter who killed Cecil the Lion that evolved in running off many hunters, just last week there was a call out to kill 200 lions in the same area because of over population. Now you can eat your words. And if you bred, consider the lack of “brains” and take up a course in education so you can teach your “pack of wolves”. Good luck with that!

      1. Every snimsl has a right to live.yoj must be a hunter.japs killing whales.people clubbing baby seals.poachers killing elephants for tusk.chinese boiling cats.its discracefull

      2. Dude you need to learn about other countries cultures. And diversity, “japs”? Really? And a spelling class.

      3. I can spell just fine its the android phone the keyes are to close together.peoples culture is what is going to have many animals go extinct.then what

      4. Bad punctuation isn’t from keys being to close… Do you not eat hamburgers? Use leather belts leather shoes?

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      7. Those lions the government wants culled will have no takers? Wow what have the do gooders done? No revenue for a poor country and people and the lions will starve out. I would guess it will take 20 or more years to get back in balance.

      1. LMAO another piss ant coward hiding behind his keyboard. Any time little girl you want to try let me know. We all know you cowards in the animal rights movement have no balls to face a real man so STFU little girl.

      2. The only coward i can see is you.killing an innocent animal for bragging rights.i for one am big enough to handle someone like you.becarefull who you mess with

    2. Seriously what’s this world coming to that was just plain disgusting and heartless I would love to see the person that did that get run over by a tractor trailer 6 times and then shot with a shotgun 6 more times you loser something really bad is going to happen to you or your family to perform in such a cruel act to an innocent animal trailer trash

      1. Need a tissue? Sound like you need to check into the mental ward. You sound like psychopath. You torture children too? Worship the animals good little girl.

  1. Well the #ModernHunter works to balance nature and never shoots animals unless it is to balance the environment the hunter is maintaining. Most hunters care more about the animals they hunt than the people that rant on Facebook. Most hunters care more about the environment than most non-hunters, because we have to worry about what our “food” is eating. These guys look like a bunch of idiots that I wouldnt consider educated hunters and they need to go to a rifle range and learn to take ethical shots. Animal should be down in one shot, not 100 shots and then ran over by your mobile because you can’t shot for S#hit. So this is an example of a bad hunter. Good hunters have to make up for these idiots on a daily basis.

    1. Thank you, I came here to say exactly this. The situation should have never happened. He should have hit the animal in a fatal spot the first time. If he couldnt do that while the snow machine is moving, he probably shouldnt have taken the shot.
      If by some chance it didnt die, he should have continued to fire until the wolf was dead. There shouldn’t have been an opportunity for the wolf to bite the snow machine, or then turn to the person you dropped off who was clearly not ready in any way regardless of the gun in their hand.

      These idiots give hunters a bad name.

      1. many of these hunters dont have modern guns with rounds of ammunition. He fires two shots and had to reload. He is using a dobbel barrels shotgun. Try to google hunting films from Kazakstan, and you will be surprised of the equipment they use. Often it´s used singel shot rifles, and their ammo is expensive, and hard to get.

    2. This isn’t hunting first off. So grow up. This is worthless vermin control. These too are collecting bounties because wolves are vermin pest destroying the ecosystem. The easiest job in the world is to sit on your fat ass and play critic.

      1. Cute story to bad it base don immature childish BS. Nature doesn’t need piss ant cowards saying stop hunting.

      2. That’s the most senseless comment. My argument is based NOT on immature childish bs, it’s based on hundreds of thousands of years when nature managed itself perfectly without the senseless killing of predators by the small dick rednecks pretending they “manage” the nature. On the other hand your argument is and just a pathetic excuse trying to justify killing predators, the same as the cowards seen in this video.

      3. Humans are a part of nature too! It’s not like we are some outsiders on this planet! Humans have been Hunter/gatherers since we’ve existed. I would rather kill and eat an animal that lived wild and free than a steak from a cow that spent its whole life living in its own shit!

  2. It’s a shame the wolf didn’t get him, that would have been a better video watch the dude scream whole he was torn apart 🙂

    1. It’s a shame stupid people have the internet. Do you torture children in your basement? The FBI should check you out for any missing kids.

    2. Whatever the reason, putting animal life above human life is NOT FUNNY, ….. (insert your favorite derogetory slander adjective here)

  3. To be Honest it wasnt the Way the men were “hunting”, if that’s what you want to call running down wolves or whatever with a Vehicle or snow mobile. It was the Lousy shooting and the mens apparent lack of common sense and appallingly Bad if not stupid Judgement. Nothing, no animal, no person, deserves to be shot poorly and there isn’t any excuse for taking a lousy shot and then missing and then not instantly reloading and shooting again. Had a guy at work that would shoot at deer at 100 yards with Buckshot and then let the hounds find the wounded deer. I told him he was a Phucktard and that i wouldnt go hunting with him if my life depended on it. These guys in this Vid would do well to go hunting with the Phucktard i work with !

  4. Black eye…I’m a proud hunter andwildlife conservationist. Hunting is a privelage not to be taken for granted. We who partake should know the consequence of a bad shot and treat accordingly as it’s bound to happen, case in point. If you don’t have the patience or skill to complete the kill ethically, you should really reconsider embellishing the fact that you’ve used a vehicle to complete the task. I go back to a video of Tom Miranda harvesting a Musk Ox after circling it on a snow mobile to the point of exhaustion, then stalking it to make a bow kill…..in a word, disgraceful.

    Either beat your game in its environment – you against them with legal and moral methods – or, in my humble opinion you’ve simply given activists another reason to target us.

    Have respect for what you hunt, because it’s time we come to grips that legislation is passed on emotion, not on scientific reasoning or common sense. There may come a time, very soon, when we lose this privelage because those in power don’t agree with what we are doing based on the perception of the images we embellish out of spite.

    I’ll always take the side of a hunter and a second amendment supporter, but I’d rather spend time supporting the facts, than trying to justify the process.

    True sportsman do it right, without question, every time.

      1. Then this video should have been deleted. No one wants to see this not hunters, not sharp shooters that cull animals, not farmers, and definitely not peta type people.

    1. Exhausted… stalking…?
      Kinda Like deer sniping from tree stands?
      And shooting over formerly baited spots.
      THATs real sportsmen shit.

  5. As a hunter I don’t agree. This wolf should have been cleanly killed so it didn’t have to suffer, on the first shot. The second shot should have put the wolf out of its misery, for sure. The snowmobile chasing it down then running it over is very disrespectful to the animal. How low do some people have to go?

  6. I would have let the wolf attack the S.O.B. If man is tough enough to kill he should be tough enough to take on an attack for shooting and MISSING the kill shot!

  7. Full video shows that they can catch him very quickly, but prefer to torture by just harassing him till he’s ready to drop. What are these scumbags waiting for? To see long it takes him to gnaw through his half shot off leg? Is ammo so expensive they can’t put him out of his misery? Shotguns are for geese and ducks, not to be used for humane killing of a beautiful, strong animal like this! This isn’t hunting!

    1. Shotgun is also used for deer hunting as well. They make plenty of loads that are more than capable of quickly killing a wolf.

      1. Slug guns, not shot guns are used for deer, they have a rifled barrel and are good brush guns. It’s illegal to use shot becase it does this shit.


      3. you must have been too busy earning your name when you missed the fact that they were too far for the shots they took

    2. Why in the *&@# would it chew apart its already wounded leg? That emotional nonsense has got to stop. And also, your education is lacking on firearms….shotguns are used in self defense for everything from bears in North America, to lions in Africa, and used to harvest many, many other types of game in multiple ways. There is more than one size of shotgun shell…

  8. If you shoot to kill something and it doesn’t die, just keep shooting….Make sense? I’m so lenient, I’ll even say that would be “ethical” enough for these people. You have to ask very little from hunters like this.

      1. Yeah.. I love to make fun of people that are most likely the same RACE as I am. Intolerant, blunt, honest, yes I am. You need to study a little more..That’s sorta racist, too, huh?

  9. I’ll also add that I’m a hunter…. but could really care less about this video… It is entertaining. That’s why everyone watched.. It wasn’t shot in the US so is this really a big deal? If so, I’d have to worry all day long. I’d rather watch 100 of these dumbasses kill wolves over the murders down the street I will hear covered on the news this evening. No, these reason don’t make what they did ok; I know that. It just makes it not that big of a deal, frankly. Yes, they should’ve taken the wolf differently, but I’ll have to say chill out to everyone here. Most of you are likely inside on the computer way more than you are outdoors missing opportunities…..

  10. So they don’t share our culture..J Geving also made a good point about their options for equipment in these places also.

  11. Absolutely horrifying, he was mortally wounded and coming after the horrible shot hunter that was trying to kill him. Spend some more time at the range if this is going to be your thing…

  12. That wolf still died quicker and less painful than any animal that it has killed. Even quicker than a lot of archery kills. For all you holier than thou pricks, just because it isn’t done YOUR way, doesn’t make it wrong. The only thing I see wrong here, is you guys criticizing a successful kill because you are afraid of what the anti’s will say!

    1. If you think running over any animal, after it’s been shot, is a successful kill, then you need to retake your hunter’s safety course obviously. This is not hunting.

  13. ….lame. If one can afford a $12,000 sled, would you not spend the $300-$400 on a decent PUMP SHOTGUN?! And maybe, just maybe, another $20 for shells to PRACTICE SHOOTING A SHOTGUN?

  14. Apparently these idiots have never heard of slugs. Also, it would seem much more sporting to me, to set up and glass for wolves and take them down with a Large caliber rifle, rather than chasing them down with snowmobiles. Videos like this give true sportsmen a black eye!!!

    1. the idiots are those who are forgetting that this is an oppressive country that doesnt have the weapons options we do and probably never heard of shotgun slugs,

    1. Anything that has fur has practical reasons to be harvested for the natural, RENEWABLE resource that it is. …You could turn it into any
      manner of garments – (hats, mitts, ruff for a parka, etc) that are
      warmer than any synthetic clothing. And there’s always the option of
      selling the pelt: Money buys, well, whatever you can afford with
      it…so there’s all of those infinite reasons. That said, there are better ways to do the harvesting…

    1. I’m with you on #1… 🙂 But as for #2?…Fur is a renewable resource. Firstly, you could turn it into any manner of garments – (hats, mitts, ruff for a parka, etc) that are warmer than any synthetic clothing. Then there’s always the option of selling the pelt: Money buys, well, whatever you can afford with it…so there’s all of those infinite reasons…

  15. I saw this video a year ago on OHub and sent an email to them and to Chevrolet, who was advertising at the time I viewed these douche bag “hunters” and equally shameful OHub editors that gave credibility to these unethical dweebs….You can assume I laid into OHub as best I could about fair chase and how they only shoot themselves by giving ammunition to anti-hunters with dribble like this video..and followed through on my threat to contact Chevy..
    I guess it fell on deaf ears but I am heartened to read comments this time that give the finger to parties involved..I don’t see Chevy any more so who knows..
    Use your brain OHub your advertisers just might leave you!

  16. I wish the wolf would have killed them. I hate hunters. Humans are the ones who destroy the earth and are the ones who should be hunted.

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