Late last month. four masked men broke into the home of British clay pigeon champion shooter George Digweed, stealing cash, trophies, at least two firearms, and his vehicle. Digweed, who was at home during the incident with his wife, was badly beaten with a hammer. It was a scenario that the champion sport shooter never envisioned, and one that he says will leave an impact on him for the rest of his life. What some of his fans are now asking however, is whether the UK’s strict gun laws had any impact on Digweed’s ability to defend himself. Digweed did own shotguns, which he kept at his home, but they were subject to strict regulations concerning gun storage and safety. In the UK, certified gun owners must keep their firearms locked securely in a gun cabinet or alternatively, in a safe with the firearm dissembled—at least the firing mechanism must be removed. Ammunition must be stored in a different container and locked firearms should not be loaded. This of course, makes it very difficult for gun owners to use their firearms for home defense, even barring the fact that handguns and other weapons commonly used for self defense are not widely owned in the UK.

Digweed gave a sparse description of the event in a recent Facebook post.

“Unfortunately Kate and I were the victims of a horrific attack on Sunday night,” he wrote. “Masked men broke into the house, I was badly beaten, we were subjected to an horrible period of time, during which they stole money, guns, trophies, medals and my vehicle. The guns taken were a Benelli Auto and a new Perazzi High Tech. We are both mentally scarred forever, I’m also pretty sore. I’m going to try and carry on with my normal schedule as soon as I can, and both of us are hoping that the ensuing months and years are a great healer.”

You can see an interview with Digweed below:

Some have speculated that since the attack was so abrupt, Digweed would not have had time to retrieve his firearms even if they were not so securely stored. In fact, short of carrying a handgun—which is effectively banned in the UK—commenters speculated that Digweed would not have been able to arm himself at all. However, American observers say that thieves may be less likely to invade the home of a champion shooter, especially one known for his unerring aim, if they knew he had ready accessibility to his firearms.

In any case, Digweed suspects that the thieves were after his trophy collection. It is not known how many of his trophies were stolen, or what their value was, but Digweed says that the men targeted his trophy room specifically. Police have been contacted about the robbery and are investigating.

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Image screenshot of video by Fieldsports Channel on YouTube

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30 thoughts on “Are Strict UK Gun Laws to Blame for Shooting Celebrity’s Brutal Home Invasion?

  1. I am very sorry to hear this happened to Mr. Digweed. This is obviously uncalled for in ANY situation or to be perpetrated against anyone anywhere.
    I live in the U.S.A. in the Atlanta area and this happens with regularity with the exception of the suburb where ai live, thankfully.
    This does not mean we are not prepared and vigilant as individuals and neighbors, for we are.
    Again, I wish Mr. Digweed a speedy recovery. Keep those videos coming and just a hint, we have a great home for the Digweed family here in the U.S.A. if they were to be so inclined.

  2. As usual draconian gun laws cause harm and death to law abiding citizens. Proof again it’s not about the guns, it’s about control over a population

  3. I agree with the comment that, while he might not have had the time to react and reach a firearm, just knowing his firearms were not disabled and locked up would provide a great deterrent to crimes of this nature. Yes – home invasions will continue to happen; but they will especially continue to occur in cities and countries like the UK where the good people are debarred the right to possess a firearm to protect their home.

    It is my personal belief that the British lawmakers are fully culpable in each and every crime of this sort when they occur, and it’d be extremely interesting to learn just how many of them live in gated communities with armed guards, and which ones parade about with armed security details. The two-faced hypocrisy of this attitude that they are allowed to surround themselves with armed force but the citizens are not must cease. Criminals will always find a way to get their hands on weaponry, beit firearms or baseball bats.

    And if it were me sitting in my armchair in Pickatown, Britain and a handful of baseball bat wielding thugs kicked my front door in, I’d much prefer to introduce them to the business end of a 357 than let them improve their batting average on my scunnion – but that’s just my two quid.

  4. If Mr. Digweed had been able to reach and assemble a shotgun and fire it at his attackers , he probably would have faced jail time ,and suits from his attackers . It is my opinion that the laws in Britain are so skewed against anyone who would defend himself when attacked that the words to “Rule Britannia ” should be revised to ” …….Britons ever SHALL BE SLAVES ! “

  5. Is that what the UK is calling saving lives? The hammer could have killed him!, What good is a gun if you can’t protect yourself, family or property with it? It’s the person not the tool…(gun)

  6. I was just thinking about how much it ticks me off when a British subject starts telling me how the U.S. needs to do this or that or the other thing. I’m very sorry that Mr. Digweed was attacked and robbed and wish him a speedy recovery. That being said, he should take the matter up with his government. I have no other advise for him or his fellow subjects, since it really isn’t any of my business. On the other hand, I live in Texas (thanks be to God) and am fully prepared to repel boarders.



  7. An additional and not commonly known irony is that during WWll ,when Britain seemed about to be invaded by Nazi Germany, the average Briton was unarmed, and the country begged for U.S. citizens to send them sporting arms for defense. Which we did; many of them! After the war was over, the British government then gradually disarmed them again through the use of ever more draconian laws. So they are disarmed yet again. While I have long admired many individual Brits, I despise their elitist and class-ridden government, and the hypocrites who are in it. Parasites.

    1. It goes back a LOT further than that. Kings and queens have always feared revolt, and traditionally outlawed possession of swords and bows by “commoners”. And thus the ruling class of England have held the rest in figurative (and literal) chains for many hundreds of years. The liberal elite and their ‘commoner’ pawns opt for servitude in exchange for a (purely imaginary) sense of security.

  8. I had a home invasion back in 2007, here in America. My dad was the only one home at the time. While the thieves were ransacking my room, they found my gun accessories, so they knew that I had at least one gun. There were no more robberies after that. Since then, I’ve acquired even more guns, including handguns. Hahaha. Just the thought that they might get shot keeps would-be criminals at bay.

  9. Yes Hillary we need guns laws like the Brits and Aussies. Therefore We can not possibly defend ourselves from criminals or is it to defend ourselves from you when you come after everyone that is not you and your million/billionaires

  10. Sorry about Mr Digweed incident, speedy recovery.
    I’m X military and X LEO. Mi girlfriend jokes about the fact that when I go to bed my 45 is under my pillow on condition 1. When I wake up and jump into my pants, my 45 is holstered (in condition 1) always ready to “Rock & Roll” at a 1/2 second’s moment.(even when cooking or watching Netflix) That saved my life 14 times when I was in Law Enforcement (Narcotics). I hope I never have to use it again but if a “bad evil man” decides to break into my home or attack at any given time, he or them better be ready for an “Ok corral moment”.
    Thanks to Our Second ammendment and firearm Laws. God bless America…!!!!

  11. Just wait for the next muslim riot when they start burning down houses and beating people to death and overwhelmed police are unable to stop them. Unfortunately it will take a few heads being cut off on live tv to change anything over there. The way things are going it won’t be long and if we/don’t wake up we are next but at lease some of us are ready to defend our families and if your not you had better start it is coming sooner then most people think.

  12. I’m truly sorry for what you and your wife have been put threw.Also, I feel bad for your gun laws there….its really bad!! Do what ya gotta do to avoid this and remember sir…only you can be prepared!

  13. BBC, say’s that Couple were Tied Up together and that She (the Wife) was Never Harmed. So what did he Do to Piss Them Off. And a 2011 Story in Shooting Clay mentioned that he Played The Horses and Wasn’t Very Lucky at it. The Four took ONLY what was of Value and Appeared to Know where they Were Kept. There’s More to This Story, then is being said…

  14. It doesn’t seem to be random since they targeted his trophy collection, knocked him in the head, and left her relatively unharmed. Perhaps it was though if the trophies were visible and he didn’t have much of any value. Also he would be the one they needed to subdue in order to conduct the pillaging. It is obvious that gun liberty could have stopped this and thousands more crimes like this just on the risk of being shot if you tried. God bless America. The issue is not really about whether or not he would’ve had time to respond, it likely wouldn’t have happened at all with said risk. There would be far fewer attacks like this form sure.

    1. There are 1.85-Million CCTV Camera’s, spread out All Over England. Compared to 30.0-Million in the USA. And Yet the “Violent” Crime Rate in the USA, is 22% High then the England’s…

  15. prior to WW II American civilians were shipping their guns to England as gifts to help the DISARMED BRITISH POPULATION prepare for the coming war…British men actually did patrols of their coastlines while carrying Winchester M 94 .30-30 Carbines. And after the end of WW II, the British again allowed their government to disarm them…In recent times, the British sat and watched as the government decided to require non functional display times…such as welded metal that resembled a submachinegun or a rifle or a pistol had to be so mutilated as to destroy its display value….privately owned, licensed, rifles had to be welded shut to make them inoperable….I can find no sympathy for a country which throws war weapons into the ocean and allows its country to be overrun by politicians with disarmament tyranny, and thieves and invaders to become the darling of government….such people have surrendered their safety to some person, some group as if there is hope someone else will do my fighting !!!! their failures…their stupidity about their government have placed them in this position…and we are fast catching the same diseases !!!

    1. The First Recorded Case of Ocean Dumping of Ordnance, was in 1918. And IS STILL in Practice Today (2016). There’s Also “Forge Dumping” which started around 1970. And in Some Place “Mine Dumping”…

  16. once, a British King ruled out ” ball games ” not in his time…instead, this King required practice with the bow for shooting arrows…I think other military type exercises were required, but do not know…running ? quartershaft stick fighting ? axe throwing ? were the Olympic games about running, wrestling, bow and spear, swordsmanship, boxing, and horsemanship ? sounds like cavalry and infantry training to me

  17. This just shows disarming good people does not make bad people harmless especially now our government are allowing murdering scum free reign in this country. The British people should be allowed to carry fire arms or at least be allowed a pistol in their home loaded and not locked away

    1. After 2010, New Scotland Yard started, by letting British Police to carry Firearms. As of January 2011, it became Standard Practice to have Armed “Bobbies”…

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