Defensive shooting courses are nothing new, but one for hunters? While everybody may have their opinions over whether this is necessary or not, a company in Sweden called ND Jakt & Skytte designed a course that appears to specifically pit hunters against aggressive big game, such as bears or boars. ND Jakt & Skytte also offers basic hunting education and courses, but none of their other programs are as intense as being charged down by a brown bear.

Now, before you say that these kinds of scenarios almost never happen, keep in mind that they do occur, and hunters are injured by wildlife every year. You also don’t have to go all the way to Sweden to try out one of these courses, there are a few in North America. In fact, if you’re good enough with basic woodworking, it’s perfectly plausible to set up a basic rail system with a moving target yourself.

Image screenshot of video by BliJagare on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: A Defensive Shooting Course for Hunters?

  1. The problem I see in this is the “set piece ” aspect of the training . I fully agree that there is a need for the training but without a surprise variable it could counter productive . If the target charge is always the same , in a real situation , the “trained ” hunter is not unlikely react to his training and not to actual situations . Murphy’s law kicks in every time .

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