European weapon laws, especially when it pertains to firearms, have a reputation for being very tough. That’s not entirely undeserved. Many European countries, such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, have gun laws that are far stricter than those in the United States. However, when famed German YouTuber Joerg Sprave whips out a Heckler & Koch MP5 in the introduction of this video, you know that you’re about to learn something.

“A lot of people in the US think that in Germany firearms are illegal and banned and can’t be owned by citizens. That’s nonsense,” Sprave said. “There’s about a million legal firearm owners in Germany, and altogether they have about six million fully-licensed firearms. Basically the same type you can have in the US.”

Sprave then goes on to give a lengthy, but enlightening explanation of German gun laws. We were however, a little bit distracted by his lack of trigger discipline. It may have something to do with his relatively large hands. If you could make a Desert Eagle appear small, then that’s when you know you have some large mitts.



Image screenshot of video by JoergSprave on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: How Strict are German Weapon Laws?

  1. Interesting and informative video. In the end it comes down to a matter of perspective whether or not you feel another countries gun laws are “common sense”. While this gentleman may consider the gun laws in his native Germany as being mostly “common sense”, as an American, while I can see some benefits to the education requirements he mentioned, I find the laws themselves to be overly restrictive. That opinion of course stems from the fact that as an American we have the 2nd Amendment protecting our gun rights and the heritage of gun use that we enjoy in this country. This gentleman or any other person from another country might very well visit our United States and be put off by the amount of freedom we enjoy. This holds true to almost any aspect in life. Take someone who is used to showing identity papers just to travel from one state to the next where we have free reign form one end of the country to the other. The one thing that surprised me was the tear gas pistol. As I said, it’s all a matter of perspective.

  2. 1.24% licensed to have guns. I guess that’s a start. I would think that europeans would remember the 1930s.

    Sure I am impressed with the super restricted availability of various weapons: Many inexpensive licenses required. The standard prelude to seizure, when the sharia government takes over. You would think that europeans would remember the 1930’s. (Did I already say that?)

    Consider the widespread crime and rape commited by immigrants. Just now the Germans are beginning to awaken.

    United States, 32% own 270 million guns, down from 53% 45 years ago. Wiki

    Virtually no licenses required beyond CCW, and 4473, which are semi-worthless.

    1/2 million fully auto licenses; supressors, grenades, etc.

    Land of the 2nd Amendment.

    1. Added.
      If 32% of Germans (25 million) owned 144 million guns, maybe they would be protecting themselves.

      Just saying…
      1st Amendment.

    2. Exactly! And this talked about CO2 guns as if they were actual guns. We use CO2 guns to practice at our little range in our basement, but they are NOT guns. The sad thing is this guy is sincere. He actually thinks he has it good. Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it.

      Europe is a dying culture. The Muslims are overrunning Europe and the governments there have turned the population into defenseless sheep. My sister-in-law, who still lives in Europe, describes terrors every single day.

      God Bless America, and I will never surrender.

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