Two of the most vocal gun control advocacy groups in the United States recently announced that they are joining forces. Americans for Responsible Solutions, founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and astronaut Mark Kelly, and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence announced on Wednesday that the two groups are merging to “create a bold new force for smart gun laws.” The two organizations say that by pooling together resources and expertise, they can create a more powerful and influential entity to advocate for stricter gun laws. The resulting organization, which will continue to operate under the Americans for Responsible Solutions banner, will be led by Giffords and Kelly.

“We founded Americans for Responsible Solutions because we wanted to bring together uncommon voices to create some commonsense changes that make our communities safer. Since then, nearly one million Americans have joined us in the fight for responsible steps that keep guns out of the wrong hands,” the couple said after announcing the merger. “We are thrilled to be joining forces with our longtime partners at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. By coming together, we can do more to take on the gun lobby, deliver even more victories for common sense, and save lives.”

The two groups have collaborated before, such as working with the Obama administration to draft a set of controversial executive actions to extend the background check system earlier this year.

“By teaming up with Americans for Responsible Solutions, our legal experts will now have a much larger platform to help bring key policies like universal background checks to more states,” said Robyn Thomas, the Law Center’s executive director. “Since ARS’s founding in 2013, our movement has experienced unprecedented momentum, with 125 new smart gun laws passed in 41 states. America is taking action to stand up to the gun lobby and save lives from gun violence, in large part due to the commitment of Gabby, Mark, and the rest of the ARS team, and we couldn’t be more excited to join forces with them.”

Advocates say the merger also elevates the organization’s capability on a national scale, putting it on the same level as Everytown for Gun Safety, another gun control group that formed after a merger between Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who helped found the group, promised to bankroll the organization with an intial $50 million investment and to “outspend” the NRA. In recent years, the group has drawn criticism for airing a bevy of television commercials and testimonial ads to support gun control—and its advocates. Most notably, during the last midterm elections, the group heavily supported politicians that favored gun control.

“It’s looking more like ‘Every Billionaire for Gun Control’ wants to buy this election,” Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, stated in a press release at the time. “Voters should be very concerned when wealthy elitists like Bloomberg believe that their civil rights are for sale.”

Gun rights advocates are concerned that like Everytown, a stronger, better-funded Americans for Responsible Solutions may begin to have a bigger influence in state and national gun laws.


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14 thoughts on “Two Major US Gun Control Groups Announce Mega Merger

  1. The only question is: Which group has less credibility than the other? The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has been spewing disinformation longer so I guess the nod goes to them.

  2. So let’s do the math.

    Nuthin’ plus nuthin’ is, ahh … hmmm … carry the zero … sorry, NUTHIN’.

  3. This seems a never ending project. I wish the outdoor, hunting, and 2nd Amendment media would form a consortium with the purpose of focusing these ideological organizations on some simple facts that conservatives already know. These ideologues need to be called out on the idea that “gun anything” is only a part of that “thing” they’re howling about. For example, we all know that about two-thirds of the total “gun deaths” leftists constantly howl about are suicides. But they rarely mention it. If big media would focus on the problem, America would discover what leftists are really up to and that access to firearms isn’t part of the problem. By now, a majority know we have a small problem with mental health treatment and institutionalization. But it’s “a” problem, not “the” problem. Fact is “the” problem is vanishing. Here are some facts leftists hope will never be widely known. Regarding last year’s New York Times’ so-called “epidemic,” the Congressional Research Service study entitled “Mass Murder with Firearms…1999-2013,” found that mass shootings continue to be rare and the annual incidence is flat. In other words, there is no epidemic as spectacularly published by the New York Times last year.

    Criminologist James Alan Fox found no solid trend in the numbers. Fact is, mass shootings account for only .004 percent of all deaths, about .66 percent of all murders and less than two percent of non-firearm murder victims. James Alan Fox clarified the data by pointing out the chance against a person being killed in a mass shooting would be about one in three million. Further, the CDC found that homicides by firearm have dropped by nearly half proportional to the population over the past two decades. I’m thinking the political howl is about ordinary crime that’s common in big cities, e.g., armed robbery, burglary, muggings & whatnot. Regardless, it’s disgraceful that leftists believe disarming potential victims is rational.

    Instead of blindly accepting what leftists feed us, we need to start dealing with the real problem — not gun murders — just murders. Gun homicides were just part of the seven total murders per 100,000 population in 1993, and that number was reduced to to 3.8 per 100,000 by 2013. Of 218 nations measured, the U.S. now ranks 98th, about in the middle. Stated another way, your chances of being murdered in the U.S. are 38 thousandths of a percent (.000038). In the U.K., your chances are .8 thousandths of a percent (.000008). That’s a difference of 30 thousandths of a percent, a very small difference any way you look at it. Leftists often say your chances of being murdered in the U.S. are almost five times as great as in the U.K. But five times almost nothing is still almost nothing. A politician’s trick perhaps.

    When considering those with lower murder rates, one must consider the large number of murders by illegal aliens, a major factor in the U.S. and in no other place on earth. Factoring out the GAO’s latest estimate of 5,639 annual murders by illegal aliens, the U.S. murders per 100,000 would be reduced to 2.1. That number would place the U.S. well within the safest one-third of the world. Regardless of the infinitesimally small differences, nations with higher murder rates include Greenland, South Africa, Kenya, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Lithuania, Eritrea, Palestine, Pakistan, a long list Central and South American nations along with another long list of Caribbean and Atlantic resort vacation islands. Of course, major nations topping the murder list are Russia and Mexico. Most have draconian gun control laws. Those ranked near the U.S., within two murders per hundred thousand, include India, Norway, Taiwan, Cyprus, Hungary, Egypt, Nepal, Malta and many others.

    The bottom line is this. According to the FBI, 418 died in 64 mass shootings between 2000 and 2013, an average of 30 per year. By comparison, According to the CDC, 26,009 died in 2010 alone from falls off ladders and roofs. According to the 2014 FBI Uniform Crime Report, Expanded Homicide Data table 8, between 2012 and 2014 total firearm murders declined 8.7%. Total homicides committed with a rifle declined 16.6%. Shotgun homicides declined 15.5%. By the way, more people are killed in the U.S. by knives, hands and feet, and blunt objects than by all rifles combined. These declines were not due to the constant howling by leftist media and in fact Congress consistently declines to take action, even after the Sandy Hook atrocity. Seems our congresspersons are getting smarter. Since 2010, murders with rifles declined 32.5%. Clearly, access to firearms isn’t a problem because licensing and background checks are swamping the states and federal agencies. Ownership is skyrocketing. At the end, choosing how you feel about gun control is as easy as choosing up sides on a playground. The only ones who favor it are nuts, felons and democrats. All you have to do is choose those you want for teammates. Tell ’em that for me, please.

    1. They don’t want to deal with facts, only emotion and hype. Reality is not relevant to them or any of the gun control advocates. The 4 cities with the toughest gun control laws on the books Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans have the highest incidents of gun violence in the nation and all these cities have been controlled by Democrats for 20+ years. Enforce the gun laws that are on the books, don’t take away law biding citizens ability to own guns.

  4. These people need a time machine . What they really ,deep down , want is to return to a time when slavery existed worldwide . When if you were wealthy enough you could pretend your inadequacies could be ignored because YOU had a god-like power of life or death over your slaves . What a bunch of pretentious losers !

  5. Great news! We need to fight against the NRA/GOA gundamentalist movement of “guns everywhere for anyone-no training required”. Allowing any untrained, irresponsible, unstable civilian (non leo) to carry loaded firearms in public, including university campuses is a SERIOUS public safety threat/liability. Only individuals vetted through rigorous background checks and training in safety, marksmanship and defensive tactics, should be allowed to carry firearms.

  6. Nonprofits are required to file IRS form 990, which is publicly accessible, and contains their financials, officers, and all grants received. Failure to file one for three consecutive years results in revocation of nonprofit status.

    It’s been almost three years. They’ve never files a form 990. Merging resets the clock. MDA did the same thing with Everytown.

    What are they hiding? Who is financing them? Why are they afraid of telling the public?

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