Coyotes hunt best when they hunt in packs, especially when it comes to bigger prey such as deer. However, it seems like this coyote didn’t get the memo. By the looks of this video, it appears that both the deer and coyote have been locked in a face-off for quite some time. The coyote doesn’t want to risk being injured, so what follows is a game of bluff and retreat as the coyote tests the young deer’s resolve. It almost looks like the coyote is toying with the deer at several points, but don’t be fooled, its more than ready to chow down if the deer lets down its guard.

Finally, after several minutes of feinting and dashing, the coyote decides its had enough exercise for the day and leaves. The deer follows suit, but it looks absolutely exhausted after the encounter.

Image screenshot of video by Tylor Kellys Camps on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Exhausted Deer Fights off Coyote

  1. Deer can’t breathe while running, thus the shortness of breath. Wolves and coyotes don’t take down running deer, they chase them to the point of exhaustion then they are easy. The vermin bite them in places where it creates blood loss the fastest, like the bunghole, teets, ankles, and nose. If this happens the prey animal is dead on their feet. They now live through hours and hours of excruciating agony and pain and the foul beast eats their genitals first, then proceeds to slowly disembowel the animal. They don’t kill it because the meat lasts longer if they can keep it alive. Then they eat their fill of ass and intestines, and proceed on to somewhere else where they just do that all over again. They don’t think back and go eat what they’ve already killed. They leave it for the rest of the scavengers like crows, eagles, etc. As the antis like to call them, “true stewards of the forest”….. Yeah, right. Disgusting vermin. Wolves and coyotes too….

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