What’s a good way to get some crayfish dinner when you have no equipment other than a cane knife? YouTube’s SurefireWoodsman shows us an old method of getting junkfish for bait and then catching crayfish by hand. Generally, using a long-bladed knife to catch fish is not very efficient, and relies a lot on the fisherman’s experience and skill. However, some talent at being stealthy and a quick arm could net you dinner. This method is especially useful for harvesting larger and slower fish.

You can even take game fish by sprinkling a bit of bait in the water—just make sure you familiarize yourself with local and state laws beforehand. Generally, large knives such as camp knives and heavier machetes will work better since they stun the fish and cause more devastating wounds. Obviously, any fish you catch with this method can’t be released.


Image screenshot of video by SurefireWoodsman on YouTube

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